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Ending the Weekly Struggle of Time Entry in Payroll

Posted by Kit Dickinson on May 10, 2016 7:10:46 AM
Kit Dickinson
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Ending the weekly struggle of time entry in payroll

Your company doesn’t need a full time-and-attendance system, but you do have a lot of data to enter into payroll in a short time. Each pay period, you struggle to gather paper or spreadsheet-based timesheets from employees. Then it’s an arduous race against the clock to enter the data into payroll, performing countless manual calculations for each employee.

The work is complicated and messy. You end the week exhausted, or anxious about undetected errors from manual entry and calculations. Those errors could result in expensive and public litigation.

But what if the payroll process could be quick, easy, and straightforward?

A Fast and Easy Way to Manage Payroll

IDI’s Quick Time Entry is an online time capture application that frees you from manual methods and spreadsheets. The cloud-based application makes it fast and easy to enter employee time, labor details, amounts, and pay types for worked and non-worked time. Results are summarized and reliably sent to payroll for processing.

Quick Time Entry is designed for organizations that don’t need all of the features (and cost) of a full time-and-attendance system but want to get free of unreliable spreadsheets or direct entry in the payroll system’s “grid.”

Quick Time Entry is perfect for:

  • Field-based companies that can’t install time clocks at the job site
  • Companies that submit certified payroll reports and are sick of entering all of the detailed time requirements directly into payroll
  • Grant- or project-based organizations that have salaried employees charging time to grants, funds, projects, clients, etc.

Quick Time Entry Cuts Your Time

Some of Quick Time Entry’s time-saving features include:

  • Ability to carry forward time and labor code data from the previous period so you don’t have to start from scratch
  • Copying timesheets for multiple team members that do the same or similar work
  • Applying wage decision logic to assign the proper rate of pay for different employees or jobs to comply with prevailing wage, fringe rates, union rates, etc.
  • Allocating employee salaries by the percentages worked in different grants, funds, clients, and projects
  • Exporting results in the exact format of your payroll system for final processing

Peace of Mind with Quick Time Entry

Ditch your spreadsheets. End the time-consuming and error-prone data entry in payroll. See how Quick Time Entry can get time back in your day and peace of mind that your time and payroll data is accurate.

Watch this quick video to learn more about Quick Time Entry:

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