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How One Nonprofit Cultivates Relationships for Funding Success

By Kit Dickinson on October 25, 2018

Mary McEvoy is the Director of Institutional Advancement at the Pope Francis Center, a homeless service center in downtown Detroit, which provides a..

Non-Profit Spotlight on Local Grant Professional, Mandy Grewal, Ph.D.

By Kit Dickinson on March 09, 2018


In honor of International Grant Professionals Day on March 9th, IDI sat down with Mandy Grewal, Pittsfield Township Supervisor, to find out how she..

Win More CPA Partnerships with a Story That Stands Out

By Kit Dickinson on November 21, 2017

Want to secure more partnerships with CPA firms and keep competitors away from your existing partnerships? You'll need to have a differentiator that..

Never Run Out of Funding Early Again

By Kit Dickinson on November 20, 2017


I recently spoke with a grant manager at a nonprofit organization who told me about her “hope and pray” strategy on closing the month’s financials...

7 Red Flags that Put Nonprofits at Risk of an Unplanned Audit

By Kit Dickinson on November 10, 2017


For nonprofits, annual audits are a necessary—if painful—part of running a grant-based organization. But many nonprofits face multiple audits each..

Your Funding Reports Could Get You Audited

By Kit Dickinson on October 26, 2017


Your funding reports aren’t as safe as they used to be.

Not long ago, government and private funding sources were more lenient when reviewing..

Spreadsheets Are Putting Your Funding at Risk

By Kit Dickinson on October 03, 2017


Grant management is a complicated and time-intensive process. For many nonprofit organizations, the familiar and comfortable method for tracking..

New Grant Management Tool Gives You the Edge to Win More HCM Sales

By Kit Dickinson on September 19, 2017


Nonprofits and other grant-based organizations frantically raced to make major changes to be compliant with the new FLSA laws that were supposed to..

​Introducing GrantAlytics, IDI's Comprehensive Grant Management Tool

By Kit Dickinson on August 30, 2017


IDI is excited to introduce GrantAlytics, our web-based grant management solution designed for non-profits, research and development, and other grant..

These Are the FLSA Laws Your Non-Profit Is Probably Breaking

By Kit Dickinson on July 20, 2017

With Obama's final overtime rule getting so much media coverage in the past year, most non-profit organizations have a heightened awareness of the need..