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Retaining Blue-collar Workers in a Changing World

Traditionally, manufacturing has been a punch-in, punch-out environment. You’re expected to come in, do your work, and go home. But EmployeBridge’s recent Voice of the Blue-Collar Worker survey shows that things are changing. Like most other industries, workers want their employers to listen to their needs and start making changes.

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Overcoming the Manufacturing Labor Shortage: How Do You Stack Up?

According to a study by The Workforce Institute at UKG, there’s good news and bad news for manufacturers in 2021. While more than half (54%) of manufacturers are seeing year-over-year growth as we come out of the pandemic, a growing skilled-labor shortage could throw a wrench in a full recovery.

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Top Issues Your New Payroll Software Needs to Solve

COVID-19’s impact on the economy has many manufacturers looking for payroll solutions that can improve efficiencies and cut costs. But manufacturing is an industry with unique payroll challenges, and it’s important to find a third-party vendor that can solve your biggest payroll problems.

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How to Meet the New Payroll Challenges of Coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak created a major disruption in the manufacturing industry. Even though manufacturers have returned to work, it still isn’t business as usual. As new COVID-related regulations are introduced and continually updated, manufacturers are facing new payroll complexities.

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6 Signs You Need to Automate Your Unique Payroll Policies

Companies everywhere, in every industry, are frustrated by payroll. Some of the frustration is self inflicted, with legacy policies or other requirements outside of what a commercially available payroll is able to handle.

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How to Prepare for the DOL's New Salary Threshold Increase

Three years ago, employers were in panic mode as President Obama's new Overtime Rule was about to go into effect. The threshold for overtime was being raised, and millions of salaried employees were about to become overtime-elibible. The impact on many businesses would have been seismic.

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Time Theft Is Bigger Than You Realize. Here's How to Stop It.

If you hire hourly workers, you have a time theft problem, and it's bigger than you realize.

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Tired of Juggling Multiple Union Payrolls?

As the holidays approach, we all start looking forward to taking time off to spend with friends and family. But for payroll administrators who juggle multiple union payrolls, time off is a luxury they can't always afford.

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5 Keys to Prevent Union Wage Disputes at Your Company

For employers in the manufacturing industry, even the smallest payroll problems can become union nightmares. Unions keep a sharp eye out for payroll violations, and simple miscalculations can mean costly disputes and heavy fines. You've got to scrutinize your payroll outputs to eliminate errors before they get passed on to employees' paychecks.

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Top Payroll News You Need to Know – June 2019

Overtime regulations and pay policy updates have been in the headlines lately, with a focus on the evolving nature of labor laws and little-known details that could surprise you. 

This month we bring you important headlines from around the web that could affect the way your company handles your payroll policies. Check out the articles below.

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