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Connected Construction Is Solving the Industry’s Toughest Problems

Business is booming for construction companies, but that doesn’t mean life is easy. In fact, the pressures on engineering and construction firms are greater than ever before.

As the economy quickly recovers from the dip in 2020, demand for construction work is only increasing, with no end in the foreseeable future. That’s especially true as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) brings more and more work to the industry.

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Modular Construction Is Gaining Ground — Are You Prepared for the Implications?

Modular construction is gaining traction, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Once seen as a cheap way to throw together low-end housing or temporary dwellings, modular construction is now seen as a legitimate option for high-quality construction that’s fast and cost effective.

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Recruiting Construction Workers in the Midst of a Major Labor Shortage

As Biden’s new Infrastructure Act begins to roll out, construction companies are celebrating over the new opportunities and big contracts that are about to come their way. But there’s a downside, as well. America’s construction industry has a labor shortage of 1 million workers.

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Is Your Construction Company Ready for the New Infrastructure Act?

Biden’s new Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is good news for construction companies. The influx of $1.1 trillion is expected to create millions of jobs for years to come. But the new opportunities can bring new frustrations if you aren’t prepared for the HR and payroll impacts that are coming your way.

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What Will It Be Like to Switch to Contractor Central?

RPMx Construction was relying on spreadsheets for complex payroll calculations. The error-prone and time-consuming manual entry meant there was always the potential for wage and hour violations. It wasn’t just filling out the Certified Payroll Reports that was problematic. It started with getting the correct wage and benefit calculations into payroll that drove the reports.

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Caution: You Might Enjoy Running Payroll with Contractor Central 2.0

IDI’s Contractor Central has quickly become the solution of choice for construction companies that want to outsource payroll and HR without abandoning their ERP systems. Contractor Central lets employers seamlessly integrate their payroll and ERP data for the first time.

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One Contractor Outsources Payroll and Keeps Their ERP — Without Regret

More construction companies are outsourcing their payroll while also keeping their ERP solution. It can be a strategic move for contractors, but it comes with challenges of its own. Vermont Mechanical was caught in the middle of those challenges.

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Take the Mystery Out of Implementing Contractor Central

Everybody loves a good mystery — unless they’re kicking off a major company-wide software implementation. If you’re getting ready to purchase IDI’s Contractor Central, you’re embarking on a major undertaking for your company, and you need to know that it’s going to go smoothly.

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New Federal Construction Projects Could Mean New Payroll Complexities

The coronavirus hit the construction industry at the worst possible time: right at the start of the busy season. Now that work is picking back up, many contractors will be making up for lost time, taking on as many projects as possible and bringing on more workers.

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Keys to Avoiding a Painful HCM Integration in Your Construction Company

Many construction companies have been burned in the past by purchasing HCM solutions that didn’t adequately run their payroll. But technologies are improving, and payroll companies are learning about the unique needs of the construction industry. 

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