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​Top HR and Payroll News from Around the Web—November 28, 2017

Posted by Kit Dickinson on Nov 28, 2017 8:04:00 AM
Kit Dickinson
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IDI November HR Roundup

There’s a lot going on in the world of human resources and payroll. We’ll help you stay connected and informed with the latest news and developments. This month includes the latest on the DOL's labor policy issues, important FLSA cases you should know about, and tips for recognizing the holidays at work.

Check out these top HR and payroll articles from the last month.

Meal Break Auto-Deduct Policy Results in Class Action

Via SHRM. FLSA allows you to automatically deduct 30 minutes from compensable time for meal breaks. One organization established policies for meal breaks and how to cancel the auto-deduction when the employee can't take a meal break, but they still lost a class-action lawsuit. Make sure you aren't setting yourself up for trouble as well.

Acosta Testifies About Overtime Rule and Other Workplace Issues

Via SHRM. Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta discussed a number of labor policy issues at the Nov. 15 House of Representatives committee hearing. Among the topics were the status of a potential new overtime rule, apprenticeship programs, and association health plans. Read about the key points he made.

Vacation: All They Ever Wanted

Via HRE Daily. If your company is in the midst of planning its annual holiday party, consider this instead: a new survey from Randstad US revealed that 90 percent of employees would prefer more time off or a bonus instead of a holiday party.

Did Defunct Limousine Company Owe Back Wages?

Via Bloomberg BNA. Should a lower-court judgment be vacated because the business owners did not receive notices after their business closed? If you have a policy that prohibits overtime work or requires advance authorization, does that exempt you from paying overtime? What are the legal responsibilities and repercussions to business owners once a company fails? Get the answers here.

Before You Buy a Solution, Know What the Problem Is First

Via TLNT. Companies that want to do business with you have invested heavily into figuring out what your problems most likely are, and how to solve them. You probably do have the problem they are solving. But does that solution address the root cause? That’s the critical question you have to ask before you buy.

Want fees with that? McDonald’s pays $1 mil

Via Business Management Daily. The owners of 16 McDonald’s franchises are paying more than $1 million to settle charges that they violated state law when they paid employees with fee-laden debit cards. If you're paying employees with paycards, make sure you read this article!

The HR I.Q. Test: November ’17

Via Business Management Daily. Here's a fun little quiz. Test your HR I.Q.!

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