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​Top HR and Payroll News from Around the Web - October 31, 2017

Posted by Kit Dickinson on Oct 31, 2017 8:22:00 AM
Kit Dickinson
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There’s a lot going on in the world of human resources and payroll. We’ll help you stay connected and informed with the latest news and developments. This month includes the latest developments on the Overtime Rule, payroll trends in 2018, and court rulings that could affect your payroll practices.

Check out these top HR and payroll articles from the last month.

Federal Court Finally Nixes Obama OT Rules

Via Business Management Daily. After nearly nine months of uncertainty and legal limbo, employers have a final resolution on the state of Obama's 2016 Overtime Rule change. There will be no change, after all. Get the details here.

Former DOL Admin: 4 Risky Pay Practices the Feds Have a Field Day With

Via HR Morning. Obama's Overtime changes may officially be history, but that doesn't mean your payroll practices aren't risky. Former DOL Wage-and-Hour Administrator Tammy McCutchen recently warned employers to be on the lookout for certain high-risk pay practices. Find out the most common mistakes employers are making that could land them in serious legal trouble.

Survey: Employers Trim Discretionary Bonuses

Via Business Management Daily. Employers are reporting that employee salaries will only increase 3% next year. However, discretionary bonuses are expected to take a hit in 2018. Find out what trend reports are indicating, and get some tips on handling union relations if you'll be cutting bonuses.

When is a Break not a Break Under the FLSA?

Via Workforce. What if you wanted to use a system of flex time for employee breaks, instead of providing employees paid breaks? Does this “flex time” system of unlimited unpaid breaks pass muster under the FLSA? One company was brought to court over this issue. Read on to see if they won.

How Giving Employees a Say In Their Work Schedule Can Make a Difference

Via TLNT. Some organizations are using technology not just to reduce costs, but to engage employees and reduce turnover. A growing number of employers no longer use managers or automated schedulers to handle last-minute changes to work schedules. Instead, they are letting the employees reschedule themselves. The impact on the organizations has been noticeable, and in some unexpected ways. Get the details here.

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