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​Top HR and Payroll News from Around the Web - January 18, 2018

Posted by Kit Dickinson on Jan 18, 2018 9:30:00 AM
Kit Dickinson
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President Trump's administration has been actively making changes that affect employers' payroll policies in 2018. Do you know how they will affect your company? We’ll help you stay connected and informed with the latest news and developments. This month includes the latest on the DOL's reissued FLSA opinion letters, President Trump's tax overhaul, and important details about employee classifications.

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An Early Groundhog Day: DOL Reissues 17 Opinion Letters That Had Been Withdrawn in 2009

Via National Law Review. The U.S. Department of Labor has reversed an Obama-era decision to stop issuing opinion letters on FLSA topics. Seventeen opinion letters have been released so far, which address specific questions that had been submitted to the DOL/WHD. They provide helpful guidance for employers and employees to properly apply FLSA requirements. Get the details here.

Tax Reform Raises Questions on Employee Classification

Via Human Resources News. Now that President Trump's tax code overhaul has taken effect, employers are asking questions about the law's implications. Besides introducing new payroll forms, the overhaul could affect how current employees are classified. One expert says this will be a hot topic going forward.

New Instant Pay Mobile Apps Remake Payday

Via SHRM. A growing number of companies are using instant pay apps, which allow workers to draw from their earnings daily rather than waiting for a biweekly paycheck. Many employers see the app as a way to attract and keep employees in high-turnover positions. Does this form of payment make sense for your organization? Discover more about the instant pay mobile app.

DOL Adopts “Primary Beneficiary” Test For Internship Program

Via Law and the Workplace. The U.S. Department of Labor announced that it was dropping the six-factor test it had been using to determine whether interns are employees according to the Fair Labor Standards Act. Instead, the DOL is adopting a simpler “primary beneficiary” test, which several U.S. Courts of Appeals prefer. The change is designed to eliminate confusion and to assist DOL investigators with clearer guidelines.

Suing Your Employer for Misclassifying You as an Independent Contractor

Via Lawyers.com. Many workers in the U.S. are inappropriately labeled as independent contractors. Make sure your organization is following proper guidelines to help avoid employee litigation. This article provides basic information to help you get started.

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