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​​Top HR and Payroll News from Around the Web - February 13, 2018

Posted by Kit Dickinson on Feb 13, 2018 9:00:00 AM
Kit Dickinson
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Payroll News

There’s a lot going on in the world of human resources and payroll. We’ll help you stay connected and informed with the latest news and developments. This month includes the latest developments on the DOL's labor policy issues, important FLSA cases you should know about, and a phishing scam alert from the IRS.

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As Tax Season Opens, IRS Issues Reminders About W-2 Identity Theft Scam

Via Forbes. The IRS is reminding employers to educate their payroll personnel about a form W-2 phishing scam that could make the rounds again in 2018, and prompting taxpayers to protect their personal information. In 2017, the scam targeted for-profit companies, but this year non-profits are also being targeted.

Industry alone may decide who DOL probes

Via Business Management Daily. Even if your company rigorously complies with Federal regulations, you could find yourself being investigated by the Department of Labor. That's because the DOL takes aim at the industries that receive the most complaints. Could your company expect a DOL investigation this year? Read more here.

What Pay Range Data Can and Can’t Tell You

Via TLNT. Many pay surveys collect and report salary range minimums, midpoints and maximums. This data can provide helpful context, but it's also ripe for being misapplied by people who don't have the training or experience to correctly interpret the information. Here's what you need to know.

Home Depot’s Rounding Policy for Payroll Is OK

Via SHRM. Home Depot has been rounding employees' work time to the nearest 15 minutes. Employees brought a class-action suit against the employer, claiming that the company's timekeeping system prevents workers from being paid for the full time on the clock. Find out why the U.S. District court says it's a legitimate practice.

DOL’s latest move makes it easier for you to offer unpaid internships

Via HR Morning. Many businesses will be glad to know that the Federal government has loosened requirements for determining if their interns must be paid. In a new Field Assistance Bulletin by its Wage-and-Hour Division, the DOL announced it's dropping the more comprehensive “six-factor test” for determining whether an intern qualifies as an employee entitled to at least minimum wage and overtime payments under the FLSA. Get the details here.

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