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IDI's Sage Partnership Opens Doors for Contractors and HCM Companies

Posted by Kit Dickinson on Jun 14, 2018 7:55:00 AM
Kit Dickinson
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For Sage 300CRE (Timberline) customers, using an outsourced payroll/HR system used to mean maintaining two payroll systems, updating employees in multiple systems and dealing with wonky workarounds to reconcile the general ledger. It meant spending hours upon hours managing your data manually to ensure both systems had the expected results. That was before.

Sage Development Partnership Opens New Doors

IDI teamed up with one of our payroll partners to deliver a presentation at the Sage TUG National Users Conference 2018. The Annual TUG National Users Conference is the largest conference in the country where Sage software users, partners and consultants meet to share knowledge, ideas and experiences.

During the conference, we gave a presentation that revealed how Sage users can now take advantage of outsourced time/payroll/HR, while still keeping and leveraging Sage 300 for job costing financials.

This presentation coincided with an exciting announcement that IDI has been accepted as a Sage development partner for Sage 300CRE. As a development partner, IDI's Time Bank software bridges the gap between Sage and outsourced payroll/HR in a way that has never been possible before.

For Sage users, this opens up brand-new capabilities to outsource payroll/HR, and eliminates a tremendous amount of manual labor. For HCM companies, it paves the way to your prospects who use Sage – even if they have been resistant to meeting with you in the past.

Here's how it works.

The Right Integration with Outsourced Systems

IDI's Time Bank software uses direct database access to retrieve all of the project information from Sage 300CRE to send to the outsourced time & attendance system so employees can charge time to the project/jobs, as well as for certified payroll reporting. Users enter project information once, and Time Bank automatically uploads it into the HCM system.

After processing payroll in the HCM system, Time Bank processes the post-payroll information into Sage (Direct Cost) for BOTH job costing and general ledger. In the past, Sage users were forced to only get GL data, but with Time Bank, the detailed wages, taxes, and burden costs to each job are processed into Sage (along with the GL transactions). If you use work on Davis Bacon projects or have union employees, IDI can further help with the important wage decisions such as prevailing wage and union wages into the outsourced payroll further eliminating the need to keep the Sage 300 payroll.

Now you have a Sage-endorsed solution that works with outsourced technology in a way that's different from ever before. It's endorsed by Sage as the preferred solution for outsourcing payroll/HR. And IDI's partnership means that Time Bank will always stay current with Sage 300 and integrate seamlessly with it. Sage customers can be confident using outsourced payroll/HR companies that partner with IDI and it will give HCM sales representatives a more immediate "in" with prospects.

Discover the Difference

The news about IDI's Sage partnership has already generated a lot of interest. Since our presentation at the conference, IDI has been in talks with several companies who are seriously considering outsourcing their payroll for the first time.



Ready to find out what IDI's Sage partnership could mean for you? Contact IDI or your payroll representative to get more details!

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