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Important Payroll News and Trends you Need to Know - October 2018

Posted by Kit Dickinson on Oct 9, 2018 9:00:00 AM
Kit Dickinson
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HR Round Up FLSA

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) has been in the headlines lately, with a focus on the evolving nature of labor laws and little-known details that could surprise you. Of special note is the series of the DOL's listening sessions on labor laws.  

This month, we bring you important headlines from around the web that could affect the way your company handles your payroll policies. Check out the articles below.

HR Pros Take Note: You Can Be Held Personally Liable for Wage-and-hour Violations

Via Business Management Daily. Managers, did you know that you could be held personally liable for your company’s failure to follow the FLSA overtime and minimum wage rules? That can happen if an executive, manager or supervisor is considered the worker’s employer, along with the company itself. This article walks you through the details.

The FLSA’s Exemptions Are Becoming More ‘Fair’ for Employers

Via Workforce. The Supreme Court has ruled that overtime exemptions under the FLSA should be given a "fair reading." In other words, they are not to be interpreted or enforced too narrowly. This article sheds light on the implications for employers. Find out what this means for your company.

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Department of Labor Holds a Listening Session on the Overtime Rule in Providence

Via Uprise RI. The Department of Labor plans to update white-collar exemption regulations, often referred to as the “Overtime Rule,” that were stalled at the last minute in 2016. Issued under the Fair Labor Standards Act, these regulations implement exemptions from the overtime pay requirements for certain salaried employees. As the DOL prepares to move forward with those changes, it held a series of listening sessions across the U.S. that were open to the public. This article gives a report on the final listening session, held in Rhode Island.

Re-Thinking How We Think About HR Tech

Via TLNT. Today, very little happens in HR that is not mediated by technology. The pervasiveness of HR technology is forcing a fundamental mindset shift in HR. It's time to rethink the nature of human resources, and how we approach them.

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