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Don't Offer the Wrong Certified Payroll Solution to Construction Clients

Posted by Kit Dickinson on Nov 13, 2019 11:45:00 AM
Kit Dickinson
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iStock-595329296When your construction client says they need certified payroll reports, they aren't really asking for certified payroll reports. And if you don't understand exactly what they need, the solution you provide could damage the viability of their business.

Fortunately, IDI has been in the industry for decades and we can lend the expertise and the solutions your client needs. Let's take a look at what a customer is really asking for, and how you can be their go-to problem-solver.

What Does "Certified Payroll Report" Really Mean?

When your construction client says they need certified payroll reports, they have in mind a wide scope of problems that fall under certified payroll. While you may reasonably assume they just need the reports themselves, they actually need someone to handle all aspects of a certified payroll, which includes:

  • Managing payroll data
  • Ensuring employees get paid the contract rates
  • Making sure employees receive the contract benefits
  • Generating the reports in the format that the funding source expects

The reports themselves are the easiest part of that.

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If you make the wrong assumption, you'll put all of the burden on the client to manually set up how employees get paid, broken out by day, making sure benefits, overtime, deductions and everything else is correct. Then, it all needs to get properly displayed on the reports.

They're no better off than before, when they were dealing with it manually. Their reports look beautiful now, but you haven't improved their burdensome process.

It's not surprising that about 50 percent of payroll clients that get the certified reports alone end up terminating the solution.

There's a Lot at Stake

For employers that don't get certified payroll working right, the consequences can be paralyzing. We know of a contractor who has been permanently banned from government contracts in their home state, because their certified payroll records weren't accurate.

That kind of penalty can put an employer out of business. But you can help protect them from disaster, if you provide the right solution.

What Is the Right Certified Payroll Solution?

When you hear certified payroll reports, don't think of merely ordering the reporting solution. Instead, use it as a trigger to understand more about all of the pain points that exist throughout a construction company's payroll process.

Dig deeper and find out exactly what it is that they need. Hear them out, as far as where the different pain points are, from time collection, to determining pay rates and benefits, to job cost integration.

You'll likely discover the need for a lot of help, pre-payroll. That's the time to start engaging with IDI. We specialize in construction payroll problems and we know the depths of certified payroll reporting. We can make sure you fully cover your clients' needs.

IDI's Contractor Central solves problems pre-payroll and post-payroll, with integrations to ERPs, as well as certified reporting. Contractor Central removes the manual work by automating the entire certified reporting process. Reports are quickly, accurately and reliably generated every time.

The automated solution is a simple 3-step process that your clients run at the end of each pay cycle. It takes just minutes to do and it's easy to use. They'll never have to worry about certified payroll again.

Have a construction client that needs help with certified payroll? Let's work together to give them the best solution in the industry! Contact our team today.

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