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The Latest Tips For Partners on How To Extend Your Workforce Management Solutions

These Nonprofit Trends Mean New Opportunities for HCM Sales

Nonprofit organizations have a reputation for being slow adopters — whether it’s new technologies or new payroll solutions. There’s a myth that nonprofits aren’t willing to spend money, so they get stuck with antiquated solutions.

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How to Close Deals with Non-profits That Got Burned in the Past

If you feel like you’re getting the cold shoulder from your non-profit prospects, it could be because they’ve been burned by other HCM vendors in the past. Non-profits need to be very careful with their spending, and they live in a once-bitten-twice-shy reality.

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How to Get in Front of Nonprofits During Coronavirus

Selling payroll solutions to nonprofit organizations is challenging during normal circumstances. During the pandemic’s constantly shifting world, it’s even more difficult. You need to get the attention of Accounting or Payroll while your prospects are neck deep in adjustments to bring staff back to work — and they’re doing it while understaffed and underfunded.

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5 Audit Threats You Can Solve for Non-profits

More than one-third of non-profit organizations are audited multiple times per year. Most of them spend up to a month preparing for each audit. These organizations spend a lot of time, energy, and money dealing with the fear of audits because an audit that goes south can mean lost funding, lawsuits, and even the future of the organization.

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