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The Latest Tips For Partners on How To Extend Your Workforce Management Solutions

Too Much Listening Could Be Killing Your Deals

Everyone knows that multitasking doesn’t work. But did you know that also applies to multi-listening?

Patrick Winston was a professor at MIT for over 50 years. One of the school’s most popular professors, he was known for his rule of engagement — a simple, non-negotiable classroom policy: No laptops, no cell phones. It’s a rule that HCM sales representatives should practice in every sales call.

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Upselling Opportunity with IDI’s Punch Times Integration Solution

Flix Brewhouse was having issues with the way their point-of-sale system recorded employees’ breaks. Duplicate entries and classification errors were causing conflicts with the time-and-attendance system, creating major compliance concerns. Their payroll administrator, Kelly, feared that they would have to undergo a painful switchover to a new POS system, or deal with an expensive customization to their existing POS.

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How to Write a Follow-up Sales Email That Gets Results

Writing a follow-up sales email is an emotional activity. As an HCM sales representative, you’re always moving very quickly, and you feel the pressure to get the next deal closed fast. It’s imperative to advance your prospect onto the next step, or cut your losses and move onto the next lead.

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The Power of LinkedIn for Selling Payroll Solutions

The sales process has dramatically changed with the rise of social media, and it’s imperative for sales professionals to invest their time and energy in engaging with prospects online. Those who know how to leverage social media have a greater chance of closing more deals.

For sales reps in the payroll industry, LinkedIn is the social media platform of choice.

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The Most Human HCM Sales Rep Wins

Imagine your hot water heater breaks down unexpectedly just a few days before your big holiday get-together. The repairman says the appliance can’t be fixed, but he can sell you a new one and install it tomorrow. The only model available on short notice is nearly twice as expensive as your first choice. You can’t help but wonder if he’s just taking advantage of your situation, or if he really has your best interests in mind.

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4 Common Barriers to Closing the Deal — And How to Overcome Them

For many payroll sales representatives, the past year presented difficult challenges to closing sales. Many salespeople had to pivot and engage clients in new and unfamiliar ways. The same quotas needed to be met, but there were more limitations than ever.

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The Next Seismic Shift in Customer Acquisition Is Already Here

According to Accenture Interactive’s new report, customer acquisition has begun to see a seismic shift that will impact the way companies relate to prospects and customers. Businesses will need to get out on the cusp of this wave to stay ahead of the competition.

According to Accenture, outperforming companies are embracing a new concept that takes customer experience (CX) to the next level. Accenture calls this the Business of Experience, or BX.

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7 Habits for Top Sales Reps Working from Home in 2021

HubSpot recently reported that 46 percent of sales leaders missed their sales targets in 2020. That puts even more pressure on sales professionals to boost their numbers in 2021. Yet, the way we work has radically changed, and that brings its own stresses and challenges. Whether it’s juggling kids and work, barking dogs, makeshift workspaces, or being stuck in one place 24/7, sales is more challenging than ever.

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IDI Rolls Out a New Level of Service and Support for 2020

In 2019, IDI saw exciting expansion and growth as we took advantage of opportunities to meet the growing demands of the market. We also celebrated the successful launch of Contractor Central and the continued development of the IDI Resource Center. But those moves created growing pains, which affected the way we worked with partners and customers.

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When Selling Restarts, Stand Out from Other Payroll Companies

For payroll companies, this isn’t a time to be selling and trying to close deals, but you need to be prepared when the economy reopens. When your prospects start buying again, it’s going to be like a goldrush across the industry.

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