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The Latest Tips For Partners on How To Extend Your Workforce Management Solutions

How a Piece Rate Payroll Solution Beats Out the Competition Every Time

If you’ve been competing on price to stand out from other payroll solutions, IDI opens up a whole new advantage over your competition.

Often, manufacturers use a pay model called production pay, or piece rate. Production pay is an incentive system that raises an employee’s hourly pay based on their productivity. If a worker hits certain production quotas, they earn one-time bonuses. Every time they reach the next tier of productivity, they earn an additional amount per hour for that day.

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Your Playbook to Close More Deals in the Manufacturing Industry

The fourth quarter of the year is nearly here, and HCM account managers will soon be under the gun to meet quotas for 2020. The coronavirus outbreak made selling more challenging than ever, so you can expect the competition to be hot as we enter the final stretch of the year.

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