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The Latest Tips For Partners on How To Extend Your Workforce Management Solutions

Biden’s Infrastructure Act Means Big Sales Wins for HCMs in 2022

President Biden scored a major win when he signed his Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into law on November 15. But it was also a win for payroll sales representatives who are looking to land big deals with construction companies in 2022.

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Biden’s Huge Infrastructure Bill Could Mean Huge Deals for HCMs

The buzz around Biden’s massive infrastructure bill continues to grow, and all signs indicate that it’s a matter of when, not if — and whether we’re looking at hundreds of billions, or trillions, of dollars in funding.

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Contractor Central Warms Up a Prospect Who Was Afraid of Getting Burned

Over the past few years, Brumfield Construction has seen a large amount of growth in their company. Much of that growth has been fueled by winning more government funded projects — which is both a blessing and a curse. While government projects pay well, it also means submitting dreaded Certified Reports every pay period.

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Contractor Central Just Became an Even Better Selling Tool

IDI’s Contractor Central has quickly become the solution of choice for construction companies that want to outsource payroll and HR without abandoning their ERP systems. Contractor Central lets employers seamlessly integrate their payroll and ERP data for the first time. The application gives HCM and payroll companies a powerful tool that they can leverage to close lucrative deals with contractors.

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Large Construction Companies Are Primed to Purchase Payroll Solutions

The coronavirus has caused a shift in the construction industry landscape that creates new opportunities for payroll sales representatives.

Larger construction companies are acquiring smaller businesses, and many leads now have over 300 employees. These organizations are doing more work and they have more money to spend right now.

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Lots of Competition? You Can Still Land Construction Deals

HCM sales reps across the country are in a race to close lucrative, weekly payroll construction deals. As the nation reopens for business, your competitors are descending upon construction companies and clamoring for their attention — and their signatures.

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Job Costing Could Be Costing You More Construction Sales

Most payroll sales reps have encountered construction companies that are skeptical about outsourcing payroll. Contractors have a complicated relationship with human capital management (HCM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. The frustrations often lie in job costing — a critical part of building a strong, profitable construction business.

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Don't Offer the Wrong Certified Payroll Solution to Construction Clients

When your construction client says they need certified payroll reports, they aren't really asking for certified payroll reports. And if you don't understand exactly what they need, the solution you provide could damage the viability of their business.

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3 Sales Mistakes You May be Making with Construction Customers

There may be no industry that needs to outsource payroll more than construction. But there's no industry that's more difficult for a sales rep to close. That's because construction companies have to deal with unique complexities that most people don't understand.

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Are You Ignoring a Crucial Aspect of Certified Payroll Reporting?

Got a sales prospect who has to do certified payroll reporting? When it comes to certified reporting, the reporting tool is only part of the equation. Getting it right begins much earlier—from the moment of time collection.

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