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How to Get in Front of Nonprofits During Coronavirus

Posted by Felipe Gonzales-Paul on Aug 13, 2020 11:54:54 AM
Felipe Gonzales-Paul

onprofit staff person on the phone with a payroll provider sales representative

Selling payroll solutions to nonprofit organizations is challenging during normal circumstances. During the pandemic’s constantly shifting world, it’s even more difficult. You need to get the attention of Accounting or Payroll while your prospects are neck deep in adjustments to bring staff back to work — and they’re doing it while understaffed and underfunded.

But nonprofit organizations still need to pay their people, and you have the chance to get them thinking beyond survival to an automated solution that frees them up to focus on their mission. 

Need to find a better way to get in front of nonprofits? IDI can help. We’ve developed proven guidelines that get sales reps in the front door and closing more deals.

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Show Value Quickly

Even when a nonprofit has reopened for business, you can’t always knock on the front door with a box of doughnuts. Instead, you’ll need to find new ways to get their attention. Now that their staff is furloughed and funding is limited, they don’t have time to waste. It’s critical to show your value quickly and effectively. 

That usually means crafting emails and voicemail messages that stand out. Find ways to quickly speak to the way you differentiate yourself from other providers, and do it in a way that’s tailored to nonprofits.

IDI has already done the hard work for you. We can help you understand the non-profit industry-specific challenges, trends, and terminology so you can be a trusted advisor and separate yourself from the competition — whether it’s from an allocation perspective, a time card perspective, or general outsourcing.

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Offer Customizable Solutions

In today’s climate, nonprofits have no idea how to predict their future payroll needs. Funding is uncertain, which makes staffing uncertain. Their current situation may change in several ways over the next few months and years. Organizations may be reluctant to commit to a new payroll system in the midst of such uncertainty.

Because IDI’s Time Bank solution is highly customizable, we can adjust allocation logic as funding sources change. Time Bank’s flexible automation brings greater stability and reduces the burden on your customers when their payroll situation is in flux.

When you bring in a partner like IDI, you’re giving your customers a source of stability and peace of mind that other payroll providers don’t offer.

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Include More Stakeholders

It’s common for HCM reps to call on the CFO and payroll personnel — after all, that’s where payroll lives and where the systems live that payroll feeds. However, with nonprofits, there are other teams that need to be involved in the decision, which will ultimately impact payroll. Inviting these voices to the table can set you apart from the competition as a knowledgeable provider who cares about the entire organization.

For example, consider including the development team. They may be aware of a funding source change that you’ll need to design the system around. Likewise, the program team is involved in filling out timecards. If you don’t have timecard buy-in, you’ll have challenges across the board. 

Identify all the stakeholders and find ways to bring them into the discussion. This will make a large impact from a value perspective, especially if you’re the first provider to recommend opening up the dialogue beyond payroll.

Outline the Implementation

Finally, as you approach the end of the buying cycle, communicate very clearly what your customer should expect during implementation. It not only helps for a smoother project, but it also gives them an additional level of confidence when they’re right at the end of the buying cycle.

When you take the time to walk them through the implementation process and outline what they should expect, you communicate that you aren’t just trying to win their business, but creating an ongoing partnership. You want them to have all the information about what’s coming up, and you’re catering to their needs during a significant project.

The IDI Advantage

IDI’s nonprofit team has been working with nonprofit organizations for decades, and we understand the priority of getting their funding and general ledger details correct. We can provide an outside perspective and depth of expertise that complements your standard process. With IDI as a partner, not only do you differentiate your solution, you also bring additional depth of insight that comes from working with hundreds of nonprofits across the country. 

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