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The Latest Tips For Partners on How To Extend Your Workforce Management Solutions

When Selling Restarts, Stand Out from Other Payroll Companies

For payroll companies, this isn’t a time to be selling and trying to close deals, but you need to be prepared when the economy reopens. When your prospects start buying again, it’s going to be like a goldrush across the industry.

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Answer the Objections Your Prospects Aren't Sharing

You've probably been in this situation before. You're in a session with a prospective customer and things are going well. They're clearly excited about your technology and services and the deal is as good as won. But then something inexplicable happens.

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Our Structured Process Boosts HCM Sales Numbers

IDI is continually improving our processes to provide more expertise and added value to your HCM sales opportunities. Key metrics show that our efforts are paying off: our partner reps are increasing their close rates, and their clients are willing to pay more for joint solutions with IDI. We're also seeing greater client understanding of the combined solution as we head into implementation.

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5 Audit Threats You Can Solve for Non-profits

More than one-third of non-profit organizations are audited multiple times per year. Most of them spend up to a month preparing for each audit. These organizations spend a lot of time, energy, and money dealing with the fear of audits because an audit that goes south can mean lost funding, lawsuits, and even the future of the organization.

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Job Costing Could Be Costing You More Construction Sales

Most payroll sales reps have encountered construction companies that are skeptical about outsourcing payroll. Contractors have a complicated relationship with human capital management (HCM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. The frustrations often lie in job costing — a critical part of building a strong, profitable construction business.

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Don't Offer the Wrong Certified Payroll Solution to Construction Clients

When your construction client says they need certified payroll reports, they aren't really asking for certified payroll reports. And if you don't understand exactly what they need, the solution you provide could damage the viability of their business.

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3 Sales Mistakes You May be Making with Construction Customers

There may be no industry that needs to outsource payroll more than construction. But there's no industry that's more difficult for a sales rep to close. That's because construction companies have to deal with unique complexities that most people don't understand.

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Are You Ignoring a Crucial Aspect of Certified Payroll Reporting?

Got a sales prospect who has to do certified payroll reporting? When it comes to certified reporting, the reporting tool is only part of the equation. Getting it right begins much earlier—from the moment of time collection.

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IDI Takes the Confusion out of Construction Accounts

Have you been tempted to avoid the construction accounts in your database because you've heard that your HCM system can't address the complexities of a construction payroll?

Have you longed for an effective talking track around prevailing wages, fringe benefits, union needs, Certified Payroll, and working with a client's job cost system?

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Keys to Winning Construction Clients When You're New to the Industry

Many payroll sales reps avoid selling to construction companies because they don’t understand the construction industry. Union rules, fringe rates and certified reporting aren't just complicated concepts—they're also major hurdles for payroll systems. But you can close big deals with just a little help.

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