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The Latest Tips For Partners on How To Extend Your Workforce Management Solutions

Our Structured Process Boosts HCM Sales Numbers

Posted by Kit Dickinson on Feb 16, 2020 5:00:00 PM
Kit Dickinson
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IDI is continually improving our processes to provide more expertise and added value to your HCM sales opportunities. Key metrics show that our efforts are paying off: our partner reps are increasing their close rates, and their clients are willing to pay more for joint solutions with IDI. We're also seeing greater client understanding of the combined solution as we head into implementation.

HCM companies that partner with IDI are not only closing more accounts, they're also netting larger deals. And because customers are happier, that means a greater chance of retaining clients long term.

Take advantage of the advantages that an IDI partnership can bring. Follow these best practices for coordinating the joint sales effort for our mutual clients.

Schedule a Prep Call

Reach out to us early on in your sales process to schedule a 20-minute prep call. This call allows us to get on the same page and learn about your prospect's needs, as you understand them. At this point, our goal is to uncover the need and fit for IDI solutions, get a sense of the client's budget, and establish a unified message before we start discussions with your prospect.

We understand that you may need to move quickly, so you'll have access to our calendar to schedule the first available time for a call. We'll also provide a short online questionnaire so you can share relevant information about the account ahead of time. This streamlines the process so we can get moving faster.

Access the questionnaire now.

Connect Us to the Client

We'll partner with you to conduct a client-facing call and do a deep dive into their needs and explaining best practices we've seen with other companies in their vertical. During this call, we'll introduce our integrated solution with your HCM platform. You don't have to be the voice of our solution, and there's no burden on you to try to explain IDI's functionality or justify our costs.

We'll come to the table with industry-specific questions to get the information we need to scope the client’s IDI solution — and to demonstrate that we have deep knowledge and experience in their industry.

Build in Time for Technical Review

After the client call, we'll meet internally with our senior analysts to finalize the scope and pricing for your client’s unique payroll integration needs. Since we are often brought into highly complex projects, this review takes 2 to 5 days, so you'll need to build that time into your sales process.

Why so much time? When IDI is introduced to a payroll account, there are usually client-specific or industry-specific complexities that need a specialized solution. This involves connecting multiple systems and providing custom business logic that isn't available in our partners' HCM platforms. Scoping customized solutions requires a bit more time.

After completing the review, we'll provide you with pricing and instructions on how the client orders the IDI solution.

Indisputable Results

This structured process takes more time than a quick price estimate with minimal client background information. But it also delivers more expertise and value to your customers. Our partners are reporting greater returns on investment that prove this model is producing more success and client satisfaction.

Some results our partners are seeing include:

  • Uncovering early on in the discovery process when IDI is and isn't an ideal fit. Less time is spent pursuing a solution that won't pan out.
  • Your clients have a better understanding of who IDI is, and how they will benefit from our solutions. This helps set proper expectations throughout the sales cycle and into implementation.
  • Higher close rates and greater revenue for our partners. Your prospects see and hear the value of our collective offerings that may not be available anywhere else!

Boost Your Sales with IDI

IDI is your most trusted workforce management partner, and we are continually improving our processes to make it easier — and more profitable — to work with us. Take advantage of these best practices to see your sales numbers grow, and to win larger contracts.

We specialize in a range of industries, from construction and manufacturing to non-profits and professional services. No matter what vertical your prospects are in, we can provide depth of expertise to bring you the sales results you're looking for.

Find out more about our proven process and how to work with us. Don't forget to check out our partner page on our website.

And visit IDI Resource Center for industry-specific help guides, sales enablement, and our Partner Portal.

IDI Resource Center

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