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These Nonprofit Trends Mean New Opportunities for HCM Sales

Posted by Kit Dickinson on Feb 13, 2022 9:15:00 AM
Kit Dickinson
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Nonprofit organizations have a reputation for being slow adopters — whether it’s new technologies or new payroll solutions. There’s a myth that nonprofits aren’t willing to spend money, so they get stuck with antiquated solutions.

Trendwatchers are putting an end to that stereotype. Like many other industries, the pandemic has forced nonprofits to learn how to pivot quickly in order to stay alive. And that development is creating new opportunities for HCM sales representatives.

Here’s a quick overview of important nonprofit trends for the coming year:

  • Nonprofits are adopting new strategies. Eighty-nine percent of nonprofit marketers have already changed their digital engagement strategy in the past year, which shows that they’re able — and willing — to adopt new digital technologies.
  • Remote communication and collaboration will continue to evolve.
  • Organizations will need to use digital channels to connect with constituents.
  • Stakeholders will rely on data-informed decisions, especially as they evaluate new technologies.
  • Greater investments in people. Whether it’s staff, volunteers, or donors, nonprofits will be looking to invest time and resources into their people — especially when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent.

The scarlet thread connecting each of these trends is an increased investment in the latest technology. Nonprofits are moving boldly forward into digital tech, and we’re seeing the trend in every aspect of their organizations — from volunteer communications to marketing and fundraising to human resources.

That means the door is open for HCM sales reps to introduce new payroll technologies that can help nonprofit organizations to do more, better. IDI’s solution to allocate employee time across grants can be the differentiator that separates you from the competition.

Salary Allocation Solutions for Nonprofits

Combining better solutions with deeper expertise gives you a complete solution that the competition can’t match. IDI is your trusted partner that introduces both solutions and expertise your competitors don’t have.

IDI’s solution to allocate employee time across grants equips nonprofits to tackle some of their most daunting challenges, including:

  • Grant/fund accounting — Employee hours and earnings need to be accurately captured and applied to the respective funding sources.
  • Reporting — Nonprofits have to provide their funding sources with detailed and reliable spending reports that show exactly how their grants are being spent — right down to the penny.
  • Soliciting new grants/funds — Funding is the lifeblood of a nonprofit organization. Those that have systematic controls and automated grant tracking software are more appealing to funding sources.

Our solution extends your HCM system by:

  • Automating allocation of salaried earnings
  • Automating allocation of hourly employees’ overtime and non-worked time
  • Providing payroll with the accurate details needed for reports to government and funding sources.

Differentiating Yourself with IDI

To confidently sell in the nonprofit industry, you need to understand the industry-specific challenges, trends, and terminology so you can be a trusted advisor. Follow these steps to connect with nonprofit prospects in a way that your competition can’t.

Know the current trends

Pay attention to new and ongoing developments in the nonprofit industry. How is the pandemic affecting funding and staffing issues? How are funding sources scrutinizing grant reports and financial transparency?

Understand nonprofit challenges

Be aware of operational challenges your prospects are facing, including:

Know the jargon

Learn the key words and phrases nonprofit prospects will be talking about as pain points. When these come up, you know you need to pull in IDI:

Also take time to familiarize yourself with the Non-Profit Industry Guide in IDI’s Resource Center. This guide will help you prepare for sales calls so you can speak the language of your prospects.

IDI Resource Center

IDI Customer Success Story

The Area Agency on Aging & Disabilities of Southwest Washington needed to accurately track salaried employees’ hours every payroll period. When processing payroll, they had to manually allocate their salaried employees’ earnings across the projects each person worked under.

That meant spending several hours each payroll determining the percentage of time worked by project, and then applying that to the pay period salary. For non-worked time, the process was even more complex and error-prone.

IDI configured our salary allocation solution to sit between time and payroll, with logic to automatically manage the allocations of their employees’ time across projects. With IDI, they could keep track of which projects employees were spending their time on, and ensured that payroll gets the exact breakdown of each employee’s salary across the worked and non-worked time. The Area Agency uses this information when reporting for audit purposes.

“I’ve been really happy with the IDI’s salary allocation solution,” said the Area Agency’s Shelly Worden. “It’s saving me a lot of time — three or four hours every payroll! And it removes the chance for error.”

IDI Gives You the Edge on the Competition

IDI has worked with nonprofit organizations for decades. We understand the importance of resolving your customers’ grant accounting and reporting challenges. With IDI as your partner, not only do you differentiate your HCM solution from the competition, you also bring depth of insight that only comes from working with hundreds of nonprofits across the country.

Read more about how IDI can help your nonprofit clients

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