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IDI Takes the Confusion out of Construction Accounts

Posted by Kit Dickinson on Apr 2, 2019 8:28:00 AM
Kit Dickinson
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IDI Takes the Confusion out of Construction Accounts

Have you been tempted to avoid the construction accounts in your database because you've heard that your HCM system can't address the complexities of a construction payroll?

Have you longed for an effective talking track around prevailing wages, fringe benefits, union needs, Certified Payroll, and working with a client's job cost system?

Your New Solution

IDI's Contractor Central is the new story to help you gain access and close deals with construction clients. Contractor Central is our comprehensive web-based application designed for construction companies that want to outsource payroll/HR.

By automating pre-payroll rate decision logic, Contractor Central ensures that all employees are paid according to the contract and that the post-payroll reporting and data transfer to the ERP is accurate and timely.

Contractor Central's suite of solutions can be tailored to fit your construction clients' needs!

Get Equipped for More Sales

IDI is providing partner-specific webinars designed specifically to help you understand the construction industry and close more sales. You'll learn how to address the complexities of a construction client's payroll with effective talking points on all the topics that get other HCM reps flustered.

"Thank you for this! I found this to be great content and I have already started to pitch this." -Luke H., sales rep

Watch for one of our Contractor Central webinar sessions so you don't miss out! Don't want to wait? Get bumped to the front of the line by reaching out to us today.

 Also: watch for other upcoming webinars tailored to your clients!

"There was an account on my team that multiple sales reps have had processes with over the years, but no one had ever been able to close. It wasn't until the new integration between IDI, our HCM, and SAGE 300 that the CFO decided to take another look at the system. After sharing how IDI was able to help with Certified Payroll reporting, union reporting, and the ERP integration, we were not only able to close this organization, but we also secured the business for their sister company, resulting in two new clients and over 40K in commissions." -Heather C., sales rep

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