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Upselling Opportunity with IDI’s Punch Times Integration Solution

Posted by Kit Dickinson on Nov 13, 2021 9:01:46 AM
Kit Dickinson
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Flix Brewhouse was having issues with the way their point-of-sale system recorded employees’ breaks. Duplicate entries and classification errors were causing conflicts with the time-and-attendance system, creating major compliance concerns. Their payroll administrator, Kelly, feared that they would have to undergo a painful switchover to a new POS system, or deal with an expensive customization to their existing POS.

For companies that use POS systems or remote devices for punching in and out of work, this kind of issue is all too familiar. The problem is that remote devices don’t share their data well with time-and-attendance systems, which leaves payroll personnel to manually correct or manually transfer the data in time-and-attendance.

You can end up with duplicate entries, data entry errors, and conflicting classifications.

Fortunately for Flix Brewhouse, IDI was able to implement our Employee Punch Times Integration Solution to their system. This solution interprets their POS punch data and sends it to their time-and-attendance system. Now Flix Brewhouse’s time-and-attendance is the system of record for employee meals and break logic, resolving their data entry and classification issues.

Kelly was happy to learn that there was no need to change POS systems. “I can’t thank you enough for this!” she said. “Thank you very much for your time and understanding and taking my issue to complete resolution all within a reasonable time frame!”

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IDI’s Punch Times Integration

IDI’s Employee Punch Times Integration solution bridges the gap between a remote punch system and a time-and-attendance system. IDI collects all the punch data from the punch system (such as a POS or remote device) and sends it to your time-and-attendance system.

This integration solution allows your customers to leverage their existing time capture systems and elegantly transfer the punch data to your HCM system — without dreading category errors, duplicate entries, or manual data cleanup.

IDI’s Employee Punch Times Integration solution automates the transfer of punch and tip data for companies that use different collection devices for employee punches — including POS, call centers, mobile devices, and spreadsheets. IDI automatically imports in/out times, tips, and non-worked hours from other systems and applies allocation policies into payroll.

Your customers no longer have to deal with dual punching, and they benefit from the accuracy and automation of IDI’s data exchange.

The Punch Times Integration can automatically run on a scheduled basis (e.g. daily, weekly, etc.), or it can be implemented as a user-controlled data transfer with a click of a button.

The solution is flexible and highly customizable. It can be configured to meet your client’s specific requirements such as:

  • Importing employee data from a file or database (depending on the source system)
  • Translating source system key fields to match your time system’s values (e.g., Job values)
  • Preventing duplicate punches from being passed to your time-and-attendance system
  • Filtering employee transactions by including or excluding certain punch types (e.g., breaks, personal time)
  • Processing job transfers to populate the employee’s time card in the time-and-attendance system

New Opportunities to Upsell Your Customers

The way we do work has shifted, which means it isn’t only POS companies and construction workers that clock in and out with different devices, anymore. And this shift opens new doors for you to approach your existing customers.

More companies than ever before are working remotely. As employees are clocking in from home, many organizations need to take employee time and transfer it to their time-and-attendance systems so their people can be paid.

That’s where you come in. Take advantage of this new development to talk with your existing customers about adding IDI’s Punch Times Integration to their system.

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Working with IDI

Our Employee Punch Times Integration solution is a common need that we can provide. We work with specific vendor systems, but we can also evaluate any system on the market.

To evaluate a new system, we’ll need a sample file so that we can determine if the punch system provides the right data for us to aggregate the data and send it to your time-and-attendance system. When you’re talking with your client about using a punch times integration solution, be sure to request a sample file so that we can turn around a quote on the evaluation much quicker and make the entire process more efficient.

Quickest and best way to reach us is to email sales@idesign.com. There’s always someone there to respond at all business hours.

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