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IDI Rolls Out a New Level of Service and Support for 2020

Posted by Dawn White on Jul 13, 2020 8:18:22 AM
Dawn White
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In 2019, IDI saw exciting expansion and growth as we took advantage of opportunities to meet the growing demands of the market. We also celebrated the successful launch of Contractor Central and the continued development of the IDI Resource Center. But those moves created growing pains, which affected the way we worked with partners and customers.

For over 30 years, IDI has been a trusted partner to payroll companies, with deep industry expertise and world-class service. Our reputation for helping sales reps close sales was well-earned. But at the end of 2019, we saw a need to optimize our support, sales, and implementation activities. 

We entered 2020 with a dedication to strengthening our partnerships and listening to the needs of our partners and clients. Continuous improvement is the theme of 2020 at IDI, and we’ve developed a multi-pronged approach to addressing every area of the business that touches our partners and clients. Here’s how we’re doing it.

Staffing Up to Meet Increased Needs

One of our major goals for the year is to catch up with increased demand by staffing up to provide greater service with quicker response times.

IDI is fortunate to be one of the few companies that has been adding to its workforce during the coronavirus pandemic. We remotely onboarded a new class in the spring and are currently onboarding a second group of new hires now. Altogether, we’ve added 14 new staff in the last three months, with no furloughs or layoffs. 

Our new hires include implementation members, support staff, account managers, salespeople, and a new Director of Sales. If you haven’t already, be sure to welcome our new team members when you have the chance!

Specializing the Sales Process

We’ve made key changes to the sales team to boost our value to our payroll partners during the sales process. Each technical sales consultant now specializes in particular industries. This allows us to get in the sales process more deeply and to have multiple conversations with your prospects. 

Our sales consultants are providing more in-depth demonstrations of our capabilities that show the value you offer by bringing on IDI’s solutions. By equipping our sales consultants to get involved in more complex sales with bigger ramifications, we’re able to help solve greater problems for your customers.

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Restructuring Implementation

Many of our payroll partners have already seen our restructured implementation approach. We’re excited about this change, because it places team members with specialized skills at every stage of a project.

Previously, we assigned a single implementation specialist to run the entire implementation. This person would do everything, from kickoff to analysis, to the technical design doc, to remote implementation. Those require very different skill sets, and nobody excels in all of them. 

We wanted to ensure an exceptional experience for your customers, at every stage of implementation. So we assigned specialties to each team member, based on their expertise. We also added new specialized roles to the implementation team, to take the quality of our service to a whole new level.

Investing in Support

Improving our service to you and your clients means investing in our support team at a whole new level. In 2020 we began providing additional training and continuing education to our support staff. 

We also added members to the team and created a new position — the Help Desk Triage Associate is dedicated to triaging support needs, so that we can provide more timely responses and prioritize our partners’ needs. 

Improving Status Visibility

One of our top priorities for 2020 is to increase the visibility of our implementations and provide continual communication on the status of each project. The go-live date is on the front of your customers’ minds, and they need to know of any developments that could affect that date.

We’re providing at-a-glance live status tracking to each of our partners and customers. GuideCX is a project management tool with an impressive status dashboard. You and your customers can check in on the live status 24/7 and see the full picture of the implementation at a glance.

If someone on the project doesn’t meet a milestone, GuideCX automatically adjusts the go-live date. It sends an early warning so that we can make corrections quickly and help keep the project on track. 

Listening to Our Partners

At IDI, we’re committed to listening to our payroll partners and customers. We’ve added more account managers, and we’re touching base on a regular basis. Every quarter, we’ll ask about our partners’ and customers’ experiences and how we can improve. When we find something we can take action on, we use a feedback loop for accountability and tracking. 

We’re also running reports based on the feedback to identify common issues and find ways to continuously improve.

Our Commitment to You

Growing pains are uncomfortable, but they provide rich opportunities for reaching an entirely new level of service and support. At IDI, we have our ears to the ground and we’re constantly listening for opportunities to help separate you from other payroll companies. 

As we continue through 2020 and beyond, you have our commitment to being responsive, nimble, and adaptive to the needs of our partners. These improvements help to ensure that we are fully equipped and ready to handle accounts of any size and priority.

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