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Contractor Central Just Became an Even Better Selling Tool

Posted by Kit Dickinson on Jan 14, 2021 7:44:40 AM
Kit Dickinson
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construction workers discussing a project at a construction site | Contractor Central 2.0 selling tool

IDI’s Contractor Central has quickly become the solution of choice for construction companies that want to outsource payroll and HR without abandoning their ERP systems. Contractor Central lets employers seamlessly integrate their payroll and ERP data for the first time. The application gives HCM and payroll companies a powerful tool that they can leverage to close lucrative deals with contractors.

Now, we’re excited to announce the release of Contractor Central version 2.0. Here’s what your customers will get in the new release:

  • Fully web-based experience with intuitive, flexible, and updated user screens and color-coded processing status.
  • To Do List on the main dashboard where users can add helpful tips and notes for themselves or for their team. For example, they can create instructions for a backup user right where they will be running processes.
  • Expanded User Permissions and Audit Trail. Users decide the level of access for their teammates, such as the ability to update tables or run reports.

Contractor Central main dashboard with feature callouts

“For someone that doesn’t like change, this is very positive. It’s a lot more user friendly than what we currently do. I’m on board. That’s saying a lot.” — Debbie Moreira, Don Jon

“It’s super easy. My favorite feature is seeing everything on one screen.” — Beth Novak, Safety Signs

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Contractor Central Gives You the Edge

Payroll in the construction industry is famously convoluted and painstaking. Most companies have to cobble together several workaround solutions that don’t naturally play well together, and still they spend dozens of hours on manual data entry. The room for error and the time that’s wasted are tremendous.

Contractor Central ends all of that. IDI’s comprehensive web-based application is designed specifically for construction companies that want to outsource payroll/HR. Contractor Central ensures employees are paid correctly, automates the creation of Certified Payroll and other reports, and exchanges data with leading ERP/Job Cost systems.

By automating pre-payroll rate decision logic, Contractor Central ensures that all employees are paid according to the contract (Davis Bacon, Service Contract Act, and union contracts) and that the post-payroll reporting and data transfer to the ERP is accurate and timely. Employers can benefit from the tax and other compliance benefits of outsourced payroll/HR as well as accurate data in the ERP to better understand true project costs.

Contractor Central’s suite of solutions can be tailored to fit your customer’s unique needs. This is a tremendous selling point for construction companies that have to struggle with union rules, multiple pay rates, and government reporting requirements every pay period.

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Lithko Contracting Loves Contractor Central

Lithko Contracting is one of the country's largest concrete contractors. Part of Lithko's business is based on working on government contracts. To be in compliance with the terms of each contract, Lithko must adhere to paying employees the correct prevailing wage and fringe benefits as well as supplying Certified Payroll Reports to government agencies that fund their projects. All of these additional requirements, including the fear of repercussions from mistakes, add even more stress to an already stressful process.

We delivered Contractor Central to complement Lithko's payroll system and existing time-and-attendance application. Now, each pay cycle, Contractor Central automates the accurate assignment of prevailing wages and fringe benefit rates, assigns straight time rates, and calculates the compliant overtime rate for payroll. After payroll runs, Contractor Central accurately and reliably generates Certified Payroll Reports to send to their funding agencies.

When Lithko wins a new government project, they enter the terms of the contract into Contractor Central once, and then Contractor Central manages future rate changes for the duration of the project. Lithko Contracting never has to worry about Certified Payroll again.

Case study: How One Contractor Outsourced Payroll and Kept Their ERP — with No Regrets

“We are really excited about [Contractor Central 2.0] … very user friendly. I think the appearance is much easier to follow for new users,” said Michele Walker, Senior Payroll Specialist at Lithko Contracting. Her colleague, Amberly Hudson, agreed. “I feel like the new site allows us to look like we are in a best of breed software scenario.”

Learn more about Contractor Central and check out IDI’s solution overviews and success stories in the IDI Partner Portal.

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