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The Latest Tips For Partners on How To Extend Your Workforce Management Solutions

Your Playbook to Close More Deals in the Manufacturing Industry

Posted by Kit Dickinson on Sep 13, 2020 8:07:00 AM
Kit Dickinson
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The fourth quarter of the year is nearly here, and HCM account managers will soon be under the gun to meet quotas for 2020. The coronavirus outbreak made selling more challenging than ever, so you can expect the competition to be hot as we enter the final stretch of the year.

The manufacturing industry is one segment that shows promise for payroll companies, but manufacturers can be a tough nut to crack. Need to find a better way to get in front of manufacturing prospects? IDI can help. We’ve developed proven guidelines that get sales reps in the front door and closing more deals.

Discover how we’re boosting our partner support in 2020

Differentiate Yourself

Present yourself as a trusted advisor to boost your close rate with manufacturers. That means understanding the manufacturing industry’s specific challenges, trends, and terminology. Manufacturers won’t give the time of day to outsiders who don’t get what makes them unique — so you’ll need to show them that you know and understand their world.

Most payroll sales reps don’t spend the time to do this, and it shows. But when you approach a prospect and start asking manufacturing-specific questions about payroll, you’ll immediately gain their attention.

Differentiating yourself involves some legwork on the front end. You’ll need to do your research on the manufacturing industry’s top issues. Here are some starting points that we’ve found to be effective:

  1. Develop an awareness of the trends in the manufacturing industry. Right now, that includes:
    • Increased willingness to implement cloud technologies
    • Greater efficiency and automation of all processes (including payroll/HR)
    • Compliance concerns with FLSA when paying different job rates and incentive pay
  1. Understand the greatest challenges in the manufacturing industry, including:
    • Skills labor shortage
    • Managing production/incentive pay policies
    • Accurate union pay, benefits, and reporting
    • Integrating HCM with production systems
  2. Learn the key words and phrases that indicate frustrating limitations in their HCM solution. When these come up, it’s a good time to pull in IDI. Examples include:
    • Complex job pay/wage progression 
    • HCM system can’t provide enough rate assignments (e.g. Dept/Job) 
    • Production incentives
    • Special pay
    • Importing pieces/amounts from other systems to use in pay calculations
    • Unions 
  3. Familiarize yourself with the Manufacturing Industry Guide in the IDI Resource Center. You’ll find industry-specific articles such as, "What is production pay, or piece rate?" to help you speak knowledgeably with your prospects.

IDI Resource Center

Gain Access

No HCM system can be all things to all industries. The demands on the system would make it virtually unusable. But IDI’s solutions give you the ability to fill in the gaps that manufacturing companies experience with HCM systems. 

Gain access and show value immediately by delivering emails and voicemail messages that stand out. Craft messages that quickly speak to the way you provide what other companies don’t, and do it in a way that’s tailored to manufacturers.

IDI has already done the hard work for you. We can help you understand the manufacturing industry-specific challenges, trends, and terminology so you can be a trusted advisor and separate yourself from the competition.

Engage IDI

Knowing how to work with IDI will help ensure that your customer has the best experience possible, and get the project moving forward quickly. These steps will help you qualify our mutual prospect, complete the ordering process in a timely fashion, and successfully implement our joint solutions.

Check out our downloadable Proven Process overview and share it with your prospects.

  1. Qualify the prospect. Submit our pre-evaluation form and then speak with an IDI Sales Consultant to identify the right solutions and get on the same page. Bring us on a client call so we can do a detailed analysis. After the call, IDI will do an internal technical review. 
  2. Submit the sales agreement.
  3. Begin implementation. IDI’s Implementation Team will be assigned once the sales order is signed. We’ll conduct a kick-off call to review the timeline and expectations, then step through design, configuration, training and implementation, and user testing. 

Provide Ongoing Resources

Give your customers ongoing confidence in your ability to deliver a customized solution that fits a manufacturer’s payroll needs. IDI has a host of resources for you and your clients that go beyond the point of sale. Here’s a couple to put in your back pocket:

  • Our Support page details how we support joint solutions for our mutual clients and offers IDI Support Team contact information.
  • IDI’s Resource Center gives you 24x7 access to our 30 years of HCM domain knowledge. Subscribe to any of the main categories on the dashboard to get notified when new content is added.

The IDI Advantage

IDI’s team has been deep in the manufacturing industry for decades, and we understand the challenges that manufacturers face every pay period. We can provide an outside perspective and depth of expertise that complements your standard process. With IDI as a partner, not only do you differentiate your solution, you also bring additional depth of insight that comes from working with hundreds of manufacturers across the country. 

IDI Resource Center

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