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Are You Ignoring a Crucial Aspect of Certified Payroll Reporting?

Posted by Kit Dickinson on May 14, 2019 8:20:00 AM
Kit Dickinson
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certified payroll reporting

Got a sales prospect who has to do certified payroll reporting? When it comes to certified reporting, the reporting tool is only part of the equation. Getting it right begins much earlier—from the moment of time collection.

Want to increase your solution’s value over the competition? Address certified payroll from a holistic perspective. Ask about their time collection problems as well as their reporting tools.

Confused by certified payroll reporting? Read this quick and easy explanation.

Time Collection Impacts Certified Payroll Reporting

Construction companies do a great job of knowing where their people are. Most of them have some type of timesheet—whether it’s a spreadsheet with calculations or a simple paper timesheet. The supervisor usually enters the time that the crew started working and the time the crew left. But this method creates issues. For example, is the time entered truly accurate? Did all employees show up at the same time and start working right away?

Construction companies also do a good job tracking who on the crew is working a certified job. They’ll check the box on the spreadsheet or time card. But what happens after that is the issue.

If they’re using paper timesheets, they have to turn them in to Payroll, and someone has to sit there and go through the timesheets. Is the writing legible? Are the employees filling them out every time? Payroll may need to go back to an employee and get clarifications. Why is your time blank on this day? Is that an “8” or a “6” on your time card?

To sum it up, Certified Payroll Reports won't be correct without accurate data populating the reports.

Certified Payroll Questions to Ask Your Construction Prospects

During your initial sales calls, don’t limit your questions to the reporting tools and methods alone. Get the prospect thinking about everything from beginning to end. Here are some strategic questions to ask about certified payroll:

  • Are you a union organization? (If they have union employees, that makes their payroll process much more complicated.)
  • How many certified payroll jobs do you have?
  • How are you collecting time?
  • What time system are you using?
  • What ERP do you use?
  • How much time does payroll take, from time collection all the way to certified payroll reporting? Why do you think it takes so long?
  • What is your backup plan? (Often, there’s only one person in the office who does payroll and knows all the ins and outs of running payroll—as well as running certified reporting and paying taxes. What happens if they suddenly quit or are out of commission for several weeks?)
  • If you weren’t working all this time on certified payroll reporting, what other things could you be doing in the organization?
  • Would you like your employees to have access to time statements via mobile app?

Many of these are basic questions, but they will give you a great deal of valuable information. Your prospect’s answers will tell you right away what you need to cover on the HCM side and how IDI can help. You can go into your sales call feeling confident that you have a strong solution that no other payroll provider can bring to the table.

IDI’s Construction Industry Resources

If your prospect mentions the term certified payroll, that’s when you know to reach out to IDI. But we can help get you ready even before your first call. We have three incredible resources to help you close more deals:

  • IDI’s Resource Center. This is your one-stop knowledge base for understanding the different nuances of certified payroll, fringe benefits and unions. You’ll find clear explanations so you can speak knowledgeably with prospects.
  • IDI’s newsletter emails. Sign up and get access to the industry trends you need to be aware of. We’ll keep you informed and tell you how we can help.
  • Custom webinars for your sales group. We provide partner-specific webinars that give direct, highly practical answers. Lily Summers said, “What I like about the webinars is they’re down and dirty: here’s what you need to know, here’s how IDI can help, here’s how you get ahold of us, and here are all the things you want to look out for.” Stay on the lookout for upcoming webinar dates!

IDI is your partner to help you close those tricky construction sales. We’ve been embedded in the industry for over 30 years, and our Contractor Central software was designed to help you meet the toughest payroll needs. Get to know Contractor Central.

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