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Is Your Construction Company Ready for the New Infrastructure Act?

Biden’s new Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is good news for construction companies. The influx of $1.1 trillion is expected to create millions of jobs for years to come. But the new opportunities can bring new frustrations if you aren’t prepared for the HR and payroll impacts that are coming your way.

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How to Use Upskilling to Retain Employees During the Great Resignation

If one thing is certain in the workforce today, it’s that nothing is certain in the workforce today. The Great Resignation is in full swing, Gen Z employees are building their careers around job hopping, and new priorities among workers are making it difficult to keep employees around.

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Going Remote? Better Review Your Overtime Rules

Now that your company is paying hourly (non-exempt) employees who are working remotely, this is a good time to review your company policies and reacquaint yourself with FLSA overtime rules.

For organizations in the professional services industry, your work-from-home employees may be switching their time between accounts, which adds complexity to your overtime calculations. There are other factors, as well — such as timesheet reporting and your company’s pay schedules.

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How to Cultivate Customer-centric Core Values in a Remote Organization

If you’re like most companies, you have set one or more core values around your customers, such as being customer centric. And if you’re like most companies, you’re either entirely or partially a remote organization. So how do you instill and nurture your company’s core values when you aren’t there to see your core values lived out in daily work?

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Retaining Blue-collar Workers in a Changing World

Traditionally, manufacturing has been a punch-in, punch-out environment. You’re expected to come in, do your work, and go home. But EmployeBridge’s recent Voice of the Blue-Collar Worker survey shows that things are changing. Like most other industries, workers want their employers to listen to their needs and start making changes.

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How to Retain Female Employees During the Great “She-cession”

A new report shows that diversity in the workplace pays off. McKinsey & Co. found that more diverse organizations see higher profits than their less diverse competitors. But while we’re making progress in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) overall, there’s one area where diversity is taking a step back — female workers. Throughout the pandemic, nearly three million American women left the workforce, accounting for 55% of overall job loss.

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Is Your Payroll System Ready for the Gig Economy?

The gig economy isn’t just for side hustling anymore. Over the last couple of years, several trends have converged, making gig workers a normalized sector of the workforce. And all signs indicate that these independent contractors are here to stay long-term.

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It’s Time for HR to Get a Seat at the Table of C-level Management

Over the past few years, HR has become increasingly important within organizations — especially as company culture, employee engagement, and the employee experience have gained more attention.

If something goes wrong in HR, the C-suite will care very much about it. Yet, Human Resources rarely has a seat at the table to discuss issues, priorities, and initiatives. Part of the reason is because HR employees often don’t know how to gain the attention of executives or how to communicate effectively at that level.

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Spend More Time On Your Mission and Less Time on Grant Reporting

During the pandemic, millions of Americans were given much-needed assistance through the federal stimulus programs. As many of those programs start winding down, non-profit organizations are becoming more vital for those who still need support.

Yet, non-profits themselves are looking for extra financial support. Giving from private donors has declined over the past 18 months, and organizations are relying more and more on grants and federal funding.

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7 Workplace Norms That Need to End in the New Normal

If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that work can look radically different. We’ve discovered new technologies, new processes, and new habits that allow us to be productive while also staying sane. Experts are spending a lot of time predicting which of these new changes will stay around in the new normal.

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