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Did You Miss These Most Valuable Payroll Articles of 2018?

Posted by Kit Dickinson on Jan 8, 2019 9:00:00 AM
Kit Dickinson
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This has been a tremendous year for us at IDI. We’ve spent a lot of time visiting with our partners and working with hundreds of your clients. We’ve also written a bevy of blog posts that our clients and partners found incredibly valuable. And so, to celebrate a terrific 2018 and look forward to an exciting 2019, we’ve collected our top MVPs (most valuable posts) of the year for your review. Enjoy!

IDI's New Sage 300CRE (Timberline) Partnership Opens Doors for Contractors and HCM Companies


For Sage 300CRE (Timberline) customers, using an outsourced payroll/HR system used to mean maintaining two payroll systems, updating employees in multiple systems and dealing with wonky workarounds to reconcile the general ledger. It meant spending hours upon hours managing your data manually to ensure both systems had the expected results. That was before.

Sage users can now take advantage of outsourced time/payroll/HR, while still keeping and leveraging Sage 300 for job costing financials. IDI's Time Bank software bridges the gap between Sage and outsourced payroll/HR in a way that has never been possible before.

How to Make Late Timesheets a Thing of the Past—For Good


Hounding employees to report their billable or project hours—accurately and on time—has been the task of payroll practitioners since the invention of the timesheet. Most companies resort to nagging and many have flirted with half-hearted reward and punishment programs, but any improvement is usually short-lived.

How can you motivate employees to fill out their timesheets on time? The problem may lie with your system rather than your employees. Here are some proven methods to make late timesheets a thing of the past.

Payroll Best Practices for Project-Based Companies


Payroll for professional services or project-based companies used to be much more straightforward than it is today. Since these companies consist primarily of salaried employees, the payroll process each pay cycle was on auto-pilot: pay the employee the same salary to the same department each pay period and move on.

Now the role of the payroll department and their payroll/Human Capital Management (HCM) systems is much more complex. With increased scrutiny from the government, clients, and employees, the entire payroll process must be precise. Project-based companies need to correctly allocate salaried employees’ hours and earnings across different projects, clients, funds, and pay periods.

1 Key Question to Gain Access to Prospects in Different Industries


As you ramp up to start a new fiscal year, your competition is looking for ways to grab the biggest sales bang for their buck. The pressure is high to jump out of the gate with some quick wins so you can build momentum on a strong start.

Need to gain access to new customers, fast? We’ve discovered one question you should ask different industries to get you into a qualified sales conversation, fast.

Should You Develop Your Own Payroll Integration Software?


When companies get sick of using unreliable spreadsheets or manual processes for their critical pay policies, they usually look at their options for automation. You could pay your time and payroll provider to add a data integration program to automate your payroll policies (if they have this option). Or, if you have dedicated software developers on staff, you could try to save money and hassle by building your own integration app in-house.

Before you build your own solution, first ask yourself some key questions.

Pros and Cons: 3 Ways to Enter Timesheet Data into Payroll


Many companies don’t need a full time-and-attendance system, but they still have to enter a lot of data into payroll in a short time. Payroll practitioners can end the week exhausted from a final push to get everything submitted on time. Or there’s the fear that it was all entered incorrectly and Monday will greet them with a disgruntled mob carrying pitchforks and torches.

Payroll practitioners need to find the best way of entering time and payroll information. But which method is the quickest, simplest, most accurate one? Here are three options for your consideration.

Step-by-Step Guide to Close More HCM Sales Without Discounting


The need to differentiate your HCM company from the competition has never been greater. Some sales reps resort to competing on price as their competitive advantage, but there are better ways to set your solution apart from the crowd.

Here are proven ways to leverage IDI to differentiate your HCM system. We’ve seen sales reps follow the steps below to gain more sales by telling a different and more compelling story than their competitors.

Time and Attendance System Evaluation: 3 Questions You Must Ask


As you’re evaluating different human capital management (HCM) vendors for a time-and-attendance software solution, you need to ask key questions. You need to probe deeply as you research different time-and-attendance solutions. Here are the three advanced research questions you should ask your HCM sales reps to ensure your needs are met, as you look to move forward with a new system.

4 Reasons Construction Contractors Are Tired of Payday


If you’re selling time-and-attendance and payroll software to government contract construction companies, you’ve got some frustrated prospects who are fed up with the entire payroll process—which means you've got one terrific opportunity to win new sales.

Construction companies are tired of managing payroll. If you're partnering with IDI, you've got the solution construction companies are looking for. Here’s what government construction contractors want you to know about their payroll processes.

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