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​Introducing GrantAlytics, IDI's Comprehensive Grant Management Tool

Posted by Kit Dickinson on Aug 30, 2017 10:04:09 AM
Kit Dickinson
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IDI is excited to introduce GrantAlytics, our web-based grant management solution designed for non-profits, research and development, and other grant funded organizations.

Traditional grant management is a time-consuming headache involving multiple spreadsheets to create and maintain budgets and track actual spending for justification to funding sources. Grant-based organizations spend a lot of time, energy, and money dealing with the fear of over- or under-spending and annual audits.

How Can GrantAlytics Improve Grant Management?

The world of grant funding and reporting has changed significantly in recent years. Funding sources are applying greater scrutiny than ever about how their funds are being used. Providing reports with estimated spending instead of detailed actual labor and non-labor spend is a sure fire way to get audited. Relying on grant level summary data from an Accounting system doesn't give the specifics to identify if a given grant is at risk. And when working with multiple grants, the picture is even more complex.

GrantAlytics, a grant management application that is integrated with ADP's industry leading Human Capital Management system (Workforce Now), gives grant funded organizations critical, actionable data to head off potential over- or under-spending and the peace of mind to defend how each grant is performing and why.

What Makes GrantAlytics Unique?

GrantAlytics makes the whole grant process easily manageable. While traditional grant management involves many different spreadsheets and the pain of reconciling budgets, GrantAlytics is an industry focused web-based solution that integrates with ADP time and payroll systems, allowing users to:

  • Enter and maintain budgets for each grant and expense category
  • Review performance across all grants and down to each grant or individual employee
  • Identify why a given grant is over or under-spending with actual data, not estimates
  • Create useful, accurate reports for internal or external use at a moment’s notice

Who Should Use GrantAlytics?

Any organization that relies on grants for funding can benefit from GrantAlytics. The preferred client for GrantAlytics is a non-profit, research & development organization, or higher educational institution with the following characteristics:

  • Multiple active grants (5+)
  • Multiple grant managers (typically 2+)
  • Inefficient methods for managing their grants (spreadsheets, trying to make it work within their accounting system)
  • Concerns about timeliness and accuracy of grant tracking results and reports to funding sources

Our clients find the solution to be incredibly useful. Brianna Audibert, Senior Accountant at SBP, Inc. says,

"GrantAlytics is awesome. I like being able to pull reports by each grant, the ability to enter new expenses, and the ability to see how things are going against the budget. I love being able to get off of spreadsheets and the dashboard is really convenient and easy to use.”

Interested in seeing GrantAlytics in action? Request a free 30-minute demo of the solution today. Encourage grant managers to ditch the spreadsheets once and for all.

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