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​Important Payroll News and Trends You Need to Know—September 2018

Posted by Kit Dickinson on Sep 13, 2018 9:00:00 AM
Kit Dickinson
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september hr roundup

The Federal government has been actively providing employers with new resources to understand labor laws, avoid violations and fix errors. Two new solutions have recently been announced as well. Construction businesses are also in the news for employee classification issues and spending trends.

This month, we bring you important headlines from around the web that could affect the way your company handles payroll. Check out the articles below.

New U.S. DOL Office Offers Employers Compliance Assistance

Via HR Watchdog. If you've ever found labor laws to be complex and confusing, you're in luck. The U.S. Department of Labor has just announced the creation of a new office to help employers understand labor regulations. The new Office of Compliance Initiatives (OCI) will help companies stay in compliance with federal labor laws and avoid violations. The OCI’s goal is to promote a greater understanding of federal labor laws, and to protect workers’ wages, workplace safety and health, and other rights and benefits. Get the details here.

NLRB has a New Solution to Resolve Disputes Faster

Via HR Executive. While the new Office of Compliance Initiatives may help reduce labor violations, companies will still face employee disputes. To help companies and their employees resolve disputes faster and more agreeably, the National Labor Relations Board has launched a new pilot program designed to enhance the use of its Alternative Dispute Resolution program. The NLRB is aiming to offer parties greater control over the outcome of their cases and speed up resolutions.

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Carpenters Advance Class Action for Lost Wages

Via SHRM. One group of carpenters is pursuing a class-action lawsuit against a Maryland construction company for paying them as laborers instead of carpenters. The company also failed to provide fringe benefits. If you're a construction company that hires provisional employees, you are required to pay them at their proper job rates. Make sure you know your legal responsibilities - read this article to learn more.

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Your “Independent Contractors” Are Probably Employees — and That’s a BIG Problem

Via Janette Levey Frisch. Many companies that hire independent contractors are surprised to find out that the contractors are actually employees. As a result, they often owe thousands of dollars or more in back wages. This article highlights two small businesses that are expected to pay over one million dollars each for misclassifying their workers. Small mistakes are quickly compounded into very expensive ones. Read this article to learn more about avoiding misclassifications.

Construction Spending Ticks Up in July, Led by Public Sector

Via Marketwatch. After a strong first-half showing in 2018, it appears that construction activity may be slowing in the second half of the year. What should you expect for the next two quarters? Check out the numbers, the big picture and the market's reaction here.

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