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Take the Mystery Out of Implementing Contractor Central

Posted by Kit Dickinson on Nov 23, 2020 8:32:23 AM
Kit Dickinson
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Everybody loves a good mystery — unless they’re kicking off a major company-wide software implementation. If you’re getting ready to purchase IDI’s Contractor Central, you’re embarking on a major undertaking for your company, and you need to know that it’s going to go smoothly.

We want you to know exactly what you can expect after you’ve signed the dotted line, and throughout the implementation of your Contractor Central or Time Bank solution. That’s why we created a portal specifically for clients that have just gotten to the post-sale period.

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IDI’s client portal has a section dedicated just for you — Implementation of Your Solution. There, you’ll find a set of resources that take away the mystery of the post-sale and implementation period. This section is chock full of articles, videos, and one-pagers to help you get off to the best start on your Contractor Central implementation.

screen shot of IDI client portal

Here’s a quick overview of the resources you’ll find in the Implementation section of IDI’s Client Portal.

Your Contractor Central Implementation Success Package

The Implementation resource section features a Contractor Central Implementation Success Package — a hub that’s built out specifically for construction clients (there’s a similar hub for other industries too). Here, you’ll have access to contact Sales and discover a wealth of resources.

One of the first items you’ll notice is an FAQ article: What can I expect after I sign a sales order for Contractor Central with IDI? This FAQ answers the top questions on customers’ minds:

  • What to expect overall from a relationship with IDI
  • Steps in a Contractor Central implementation project
  • When you’ll first hear from your implementation team
  • What you can do while you’re waiting for your implementation to start
  • What kind of timeline to expect from the overall HCM/Contractor Central implementation
  • The support you’ll get after the go live date

Wondering what happens for the first 100 days or so after you become an IDI customer? We’ll keep you informed about what to expect each step of the way from implementation to ongoing support and account management.

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Trim Implementation by Weeks

After you sign the IDI sales order, there’s a period of time before the project kicks off with your assigned implementation team. During that time, it can feel like nothing is happening, but a lot is going on behind the scenes between our team and your HCM/ERP implementation team as we align the overall project.

This is a prime opportunity to get ahead of the game by getting prepared on your end. The Implementation Success Package provides helpful tools that make it easy to get the most out of this waiting period:

  • Visual overview of preparation activities. This step-by-step guide walks you through the period between signing the sales order and the project kickoff. You’ll learn about the information to gather up ahead of time, so you can help speed up the implementation.
  • Union survey. The more we know about your unions on the front end, the better we’ll be able to configure any union logic in Contractor Central.
  • Implementation Success Resources. This is a checklist of items you can start compiling to share with your IDI Implementation Team after the kick-off call.

Using these resources during the waiting period will slash your implementation time by weeks!

Low-drama Implementation

The Implementation Success Package also provides helpful resources to make the implementation itself as stress-free as possible. We want you to know exactly what to expect and what you need for a smooth and successful Go Live event.

The Contractor Central implementation timeline visually displays the overlapping activities between IDI and our HCM/ERP partners. You’ll see exactly how IDI fits into the entire project, and how our activities coincide with HCM and ERP activities, from launch to the Go Live date.

You’ll also get a sneak peek at IDI’s project management software dashboard. The dashboard is our real-time status tracking software that lets you check in on the implementation status 24/7. Need to know what’s going on? See the full picture at a glance!

In the Client Portal you’ll also find out what kind of support to expect after the Go Live date. IDI won’t leave you high and dry after testing is complete and you’ve gone live. Discover the resources and support that are available to you throughout the life of your relationship with us. Some highlights include:

  • Demo videos to set up Certified Payroll projects and to process Certified Payroll Reports
  • Next steps video post-implementation
  • Technical support and troubleshooting help
  • IDI’s Service Level Agreement

Implementing a new system like Contractor Central is a major undertaking, but you won’t be going through it alone. We’ll hold your hand along the way, and you’ll never hear us say, “Trust us and sit here quietly until we’re ready to begin.” We’ll give you the knowledge you need, set expectations, and provide helpful resources so you can start your implementation with confidence.

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