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IDI's New Resource Center Is Making Waves - Here's Why

Posted by Kit Dickinson on Nov 2, 2018 8:35:00 AM
Kit Dickinson
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It's only been a couple of months since we launched the IDI Resource Center, but it's already a big hit with HCM reps and customers alike. Hundreds of users have viewed over 2,000 pages to get their hands on IDI's 30 years of domain knowledge.

What do people love about the IDI Resource Center? Read on!

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The IDI Resource Center

The IDI Resource Center is your one-stop knowledge base for discovering everything about our products and our services, and how we can help extend HCM solutions. We've identified dozens of key concepts and phrases that you need to know as an IDI customer or HCM sales rep.

IDI is a unique company; most of our employees have been around for 20 years or more. That means we have deep industry knowledge that we can share with sales reps and customers. The problem was that all that knowledge was in people's heads. We had materials to offer, but you had to depend on one of our reps to provide it. Now, the Resource Center places all that information in YOUR hands, whenever you need it.

And people are digging into that knowledge at all hours—as late as 10:30 at night, and as early as 4:30 in the morning. Visitors are going to the site from their laptops during work and from their phones, on the go. For sales reps that means you can prepare for a client call the night before, or pull up key articles on your tablet or phone in the middle of a sales meeting.

Built For Customers

The Resource Center was built for IDI customers and HCM sales reps alike. Articles are easy to share with key personnel, so customers can make truly informed decisions about their HCM needs. 

All of the articles in the IDI Resource Center are written so that customers can easily use the information. We have a section on the support process, how to get help from IDI, what to expect from your account manager and troubleshooting tips—everything you need to know before, during, and after your purchase decision.

IDI's Customer Account Manager, Dawn White, was thrilled to see customers getting the information they need. "I'm super excited about the Resource Center," said Dawn. "Hearing that people are benefitting from it and seeing the effect that I was hoping it would have has made the work I've put into creating it worthwhile!"

What Sales Reps Are Saying

HCM sales reps are quickly discovering the value of the Resource Center. Many partner reps are telling us that they consult the knowledge base before going into sales meetings. "I love it! I was just reviewing some of the terms and concepts before a client analysis I had this week to help me get my mind right before the meeting," said HCM rep Wendel Smitherman.

The industry-specific guides have been especially helpful. “The Construction Guide provides a wealth of information,” said Cindy Rockett, HCM rep. Pre-sales Consultant Alicia Eroh said, “The Construction Industry Guide is a dream! It is so easy to get confused by all the different nuances with fringe, unions, wage rates and the IDI Resource Center has the explanation of all of them. AND the relationship with Sage is defined!”

These sales reps are building their own confidence to speak their clients’ language, and to clearly articulate what IDI can do for their customers. There’s nothing worse than going into a client meeting unprepared to talk knowledgeably about your partners or your client’s industry.

Thanks to the Resource Center, you'll be able to provide a depth of expertise to your clients. Articles are easy to share, too. HCM reps can forward specific information to their clients with the click of a button or provide the link to the Resource Center to the client so they can find answers for themselves.

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On the Horizon

Construction and Non-profit Industry Guides have been published, but there's more coming! The Manufacturing Industry Guide will be available next month. We're also working on adding a video series of our products and solutions that you can use for internal training or sales demos.

We’ll also continue to build out troubleshooting tips and FAQs. If there’s something that’s missing, reach out and let us know! We’ll add it to the Resource Center as quickly as possible.

With a login, sales reps can get complete access to the general knowledge base that clients can use, as well as partner-specific collateral—including videos, success stories and branded overviews designed specifically for your sales team. Go to the IDI Resource Center and login to set up an account with your work email address as your username.

IDI Resource Center

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