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Give Customers ERP Integration Your Competition Can't Touch

Posted by Kit Dickinson on Jun 7, 2018 9:30:00 AM
Kit Dickinson
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Wink Engineering, LLC is an engineering and design consulting firm that had a payroll problem. They were using a Microsoft ERP to manage their vendors, projects and financials, but the ERP couldn't provide the payroll and other Human Capital Management (HCM) functions Wink needed. The challenge was particularly tricky, because ERP and payroll systems typically don't get along well.

One of IDI's payroll partners was called in, and they spotted the answer that no other HCM company provided.

Business Challenge

Contractors like Wink Engineering use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to manage all aspects of a job (job costing, financials, inventory management, budgeting, estimating, etc.). Since payroll is run "in-house" with an ERP, it puts the burden and liability on the client to ensure that taxes, deductions and benefits are correct – along with actually creating and distributing paychecks. But ERPs can't do what an outsourced HCM system can do.

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Wink’s HR and payroll managers were tasked with managing new hires, employee changes, and vendor data. They wanted to migrate to a payroll/HR solution that supported integration with their Microsoft ERP. In most cases, this would involve creating convoluted workarounds to get the two systems to integrate with each other. But IDI's payroll partner knew there was a better solution: Time Bank.

IDI and one of our partners consulted with Wink to understand their business and technical issues and position an integrated solution to ensure they could reliably integrate data from their HR/payroll system to Microsoft Dynamics SL (Solomon).

Discover how to win more construction clients – download the Time Bank Overview.

Technical Solution

Based on Wink Engineering’s business needs, payroll was configured to enforce Wink’s pay policies and deliver critical HR functionality and reports. IDI’s Time Bank application was configured and implemented to streamline employee masterfile, job rates, and vendor data transfer from the HR/payroll system to Dynamics SL with the following capabilities:

  • Read employee and vendor data from ADP WFN HR on a client-controlled basis
  • Identify changes to employee or vendor profiles to ensure only new and changed information is transferred to Dynamics SL
  • Create output data for direct import into Microsoft Dynamics SL

The integration solution was successfully implemented, and it continues to be supported by IDI and our partner. Wink Engineering receives free upgrades when their payroll system or Microsoft Dynamics SL versions change.

"The Time Bank solution was configured to meet our specific mapping requirements, and it reliably transfers our critical project and vendor information between our systems," said Eric Williamson, Director of Finance, Wink Engineering LLC. "With Time Bank we do not need to be concerned with dual entry or missing information between systems."

About Time Bank

Time Bank is an application designed to connect multiple employee systems and provide customized functionality. The product’s template-driven integration engine combines years of application knowledge and experience with industry-standard development tools and techniques with the capability to accommodate direct database integration, web services, XML, and various ASCII-based files. Time Bank has been implemented in local, network, and terminal server environments. Each Time Bank installation may include one or many “links” between employee data systems such as payroll, HR, accounting packages, or time-and-attendance.

Find out more about how Time Bank helps you solve payroll problems for your construction customers.



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