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Meet the Payroll Software That Saves Contractors a Full Day of Work

Posted by Dawn White on Feb 22, 2021 8:54:01 AM
Dawn White
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A growing number of contractors are starting to outsource their payroll while also keeping their ERP. It’s a trend that we expect to gain momentum over the next several years. Outsourcing can be a smart move, but it opens up new issues: HCM systems aren’t designed to handle the payroll complexities that contractors deal with on a weekly basis. And they don’t integrate nicely with ERP systems.

For contractors that have multiple unions or multiple government contracts to manage, payroll can quickly become an untamed force to be reckoned with.

  • Every union has its own rules, rates, benefits, and deductions.
  • Government contracts mean onerous certified payroll reporting.
  • There’s prevailing wage logic, job costing, and fringe benefits to calculate.
  • FLSA compliance adds its own wrinkles to payroll processing.

In the end, an outsourced HCM solution can’t solve all of your payroll problems. But what if there was another option besides an HCM?

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A Payroll Solution Designed for Contractors

IDI’s Contractor Central was designed specifically for the payroll issues that government and unionized contractors deal with every pay period. Built by people who understand your payroll complexities, Contractor Central elegantly and robustly handles all of your payroll calculations and reporting.

The comprehensive web-based application ensures your employees are paid correctly, automates the creation of Certified Payroll and other reports, and exchanges data with leading ERP/job costing systems. The automated platform requires no workarounds or manual calculations. Every paycheck and every report is guaranteed accurate to the penny, every time.

Contractor Central keeps you compliant on your government-funded projects by automating wage decisions for employees that work on a mix of private, public, and union jobs. Flexible, project-specific tables accommodate the complexities of the Davis Bacon Act, Service Contract Act, and union contracts.

Contractor Central automates pre-payroll rate decision logic, ensuring that the post-payroll reporting and data transfer to the ERP is accurate and timely. You can enjoy the benefits of outsourced payroll and accurate data integration in the ERP to better understand true project costs.

Contractor Central is user-friendly:

  • Intuitive project and rate maintenance screens for project managers and the payroll team back at the office
  • Integration with time-and-attendance software to retrieve employee time to jobs, projects, etc.
  • Single-point entry means no more duplicate information across systems
  • One-click operations to automate wage and benefit decisions, create reports, and exchange data between systems

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Contractor Central Frees Up a Full Day of Work

Feedback from customers has been tremendous. “For someone that doesn’t like change, this is very positive,” said Debbie Moreira, at Don Jon. “It’s a lot more user friendly than what we currently do. I’m on board. That’s saying a lot.”

Beth Novak at Safety Signs agrees. “It’s super easy. My favorite feature is seeing everything on one screen,” she said.

Laura at RPMx Construction is finally confident that employees are getting the right pay, every time. “I love the solution,” she said. “It’s working great and a huge time saver, saving me a days’ worth of work (every pay period)!”

Contractor Central’s suite of solutions can be tailored to fit your unique needs. End the struggle with union rules, multiple pay rates, and government reporting requirements every pay period. Stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling confident about payroll.

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