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Get complete HCM integration with Microsoft Active Directory - not just single sign-on

Posted by Kit Dickinson on Aug 23, 2018 9:00:00 AM
Kit Dickinson
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Larger organizations are unnecessarily duplicating their work and risking accuracy every time they hire a new employee. But HCM companies can help them save hundreds of hours per year.

When a company hires a new employee, or a current employee's demographic information changes, two departments have to enter the same information into their respective systems. HR/Payroll enters employee information into the HCM system, and the IT department enters it into Microsoft Active Directory. For large companies, that equates to several employees every week, and hundreds of man-hours per year.

Many people associate Microsoft Active Directory (AD) with storing single sign-on credentials for corporate applications. However, AD stores much more than that. Active Directory is a central data hub on the company's network that stores employee credentials and other personal information (name, address, phone, dates, phone, email, etc.). AD makes this employee information available for network users and administrators to use in various applications. It allows the IT team to know who has access to certain parts of their network, who reports to whom, what department everyone works in, and other related information. Essentially, AD is a company directory with sensitive information that only the IT department should have access to, since it controls who can see what at the company.

Every time an employee is hired or changes any of their personal information, duplicate entries are made into the HCM system and Active Directory. Not only is the organization unnecessarily duplicating the time for updating the information, it's also doubling the chances of data entry errors.

But with Time Bank, HCM reps can help companies cut data entry time and the risk of error by 50 percent. IDI's Time Bank solution makes it possible to automatically exchange employee data between your HCM system and Active Directory. It retrieves employee Masterfile data from the HCM system and posts it into Active Directory. Enter data once and Time Bank automatically transfers it seamlessly to Active Directory.

Time Bank provides a more robust data transfer than a basic single sign-on connection and is configured based on each client’s use of Active Directory.

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Scoping the Active Directory Integration

Have a customer that needs integration with Active Directory? Get a jumpstart on the project by having key information on hand when you start talking with us. Here are some preliminary questions to help us understand your specific requirements:

  1. How many employees will be transferred from the HCM to AD?
  2. Will all employees in the HCM pass to AD?
  3. Do you have 1099 EEs or other employee types in AD that are not/will not be in the HCM?
  4. What is the server version where AD resides? Time Bank supports Server 2008, Server 2012, Server 2016.
  5. What will be the frequency of data transfer? Based on the number of employees and data fields the customer needs, Time Bank can support up to 10 transfers per day from the HCM.
  6. How many Domains are in the Active Directory?
  7. Do you need OU (Organizational Unit) assignment to assign users to specific OUs?

Your Partner for Greater Sales

When you're typically competing on price, the HCM rep who brings innovative solutions to the table is the one who wins the sale. Count on IDI to be your partner for standout value that separates you from the noise in the crowd. Our 30 years of industry experience and innovative software solutions help HCM reps win more clients and close bigger contracts.

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