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The Latest News, Events and Product Resources for End Users

How Compliance Helps Your Nonprofit Organization Fulfill Its Mission

Operational Resilience Helps Manufacturers Stay Profitable During Risky Times

Connected Construction Is Solving the Industry’s Toughest Problems

How to Onboard New Employees for Greater Business Growth

Modular Construction Is Gaining Ground — Are You Prepared for the Implications?

The Future of HR Is Customer-Centric

Top Nonprofit Industry Trends and What They Mean for You

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Recruiting Construction Workers in the Midst of a Major Labor Shortage

At IDI, a New Year Means New Opportunities with ADP

Is Your Construction Company Ready for the New Infrastructure Act?

How to Use Upskilling to Retain Employees During the Great Resignation

Going Remote? Better Review Your Overtime Rules

How to Cultivate Customer-centric Core Values in a Remote Organization

Retaining Blue-collar Workers in a Changing World

How to Retain Female Employees During the Great “She-cession”

Is Your Payroll System Ready for the Gig Economy?

It’s Time for HR to Get a Seat at the Table of C-level Management

Spend More Time On Your Mission and Less Time on Grant Reporting

7 Workplace Norms That Need to End in the New Normal

What Will It Be Like to Switch to Contractor Central?

How to Recruit and Hire Generation Z Employees

Overcoming the Manufacturing Labor Shortage: How Do You Stack Up?

Taking a Vacation in 2021 Is More Important Than Ever

Know What You’re Really Getting When Hiring Employees

How Will Your Nonprofit Navigate the Pandemic’s Challenges in 2021?

Why Only Shortsighted Companies Use Automation to Replace Employees

Make Your Virtual Conference the #1 Event of the Year

Is On-demand Pay Good for Your Company?

Meet the Payroll Software That Saves Contractors a Full Day of Work

How to Grow Your Business During Challenging Times

Caution: You Might Enjoy Running Payroll with Contractor Central 2.0

7 Business Decisions Your Company Will Need to Make to Thrive in 2021

One Contractor Outsources Payroll and Keeps Their ERP — Without Regret

Why 2020 Hasn’t Stolen Our Gratitude

Take the Mystery Out of Implementing Contractor Central

Intuit’s 4 Lessons Learned for the Future of Work After the Pandemic

Top Issues Your New Payroll Software Needs to Solve

Will Your Payroll Plan Work in the New Normal?

The Key to Managing Multiple Unions with Ease

Navigating Coronavirus When You’re Doing Business in Multiple States

How to Meet the New Payroll Challenges of Coronavirus

How to Keep Your Nonprofit Strong During Coronavirus Uncertainties

5 Best Practices for Onboarding Remote Employees

New Federal Construction Projects Could Mean New Payroll Complexities

Keys to Avoiding a Painful HCM Integration in Your Construction Company

The Nonprofit Time Card Balance Beam

Prepare Your Organization Now for Post-coronavirus Worklife

Are Your Remote Employees' Timesheets Accurate?

What Are Your Responsibilities to Remote Employees?

Your Remote Employees Need a Healthy Office Culture Too!

How to Build a Strong Remote Team from a Company That's Been There

What to Expect When Integrating Multiple HCM/ERP Systems

4 Audit Threats Your Non-Profit Can Solve

6 Signs You Need to Automate Your Unique Payroll Policies

Will Your HCM Provide the Job Cost Details You Need?

How to Prepare for the DOL's New Salary Threshold Increase

Never Fill Out Another Certified Payroll Report Again

Time Theft Is Bigger Than You Realize. Here's How to Stop It.

Tired of Juggling Multiple Union Payrolls?

What Non-Profits Need to Know About Implementing a Payroll System

7 Simple Keys to Get Employees to Track Their Time

5 Keys to Prevent Union Wage Disputes at Your Company

Top Payroll News You Need to Know – June 2019

3 Payroll Issues on Contractors' Minds at the 2019 Sage TUG Conference

Your Timesheets May Get You into Certified Payroll Trouble

Top Payroll Headlines You Shouldn't Miss – May 2019

Union Pay Policies Just Got Easy

Top Payroll Headlines You Shouldn't Miss – April 2019

Top Payroll Headlines You Shouldn't Miss – March 2019

Top Payroll Headlines You Shouldn't Miss - February 2019

Emerging Trends for Construction in 2019

3 Tips to Protect Your Grant Funding and Avoid an Audit

4 Details Contractors Can't Afford to Forget When Outsourcing Payroll

Will You Regret Building Your Own Payroll Integration Software?

Did You Miss These Most Valuable Payroll Articles of 2018?

Think HCM Can't Work for Construction Companies? Think Again!

Top Payroll Headlines You Shouldn't Miss - December 2018

Your HCM Now Integrates with Acumatica ERP

The HCM System Buying Guide for Contractor Companies

Top Payroll Headlines You Shouldn't Miss - November 2018

5 Questions to Qualify High-value Non-profits, Fast

IDI's New Resource Center Is Making Waves - Here's Why

How One Nonprofit Cultivates Relationships for Funding Success

Important Payroll News and Trends you Need to Know - October 2018

​Step-by-Step Guide to Close More HCM Sales Without Discounting

​Important Payroll News and Trends You Need to Know—September 2018

​The Payroll Complication of Salaried Construction Employees

Get complete HCM integration - not just single sign-on

​Important Payroll News and Trends You Need to Know—August 2018

Step Up Your Sales Game With IDI Resource Center

​1 Key Question to Gain Access to Prospects in Different Industries

Important Payroll News and Trends You Need to Know—July 2018

IDI's Sage Partnership Opens Doors for Contractors and HCM Companies

Give Customers ERP Integration Your Competition Can't Touch

Important Payroll Trends and News You Need to Know - May 29, 2018

Don't Know About Job Costing? It's Costing You Construction Customers!

4 Doable Tips to Keep Your Construction Biz Ready for a DOL Audit

​Important FLSA Trends and News You Need to Know - May 1, 2018

You're Paying More Fringe Benefits Than You Need To

​Will Your Construction Company Be Audited by the DOL?

Top HR and Payroll News from Around the Web - March 21, 2018

Non-Profit Spotlight on Local Grant Professional, Mandy Grewal, Ph.D.

4 Reasons Construction Contractors Are Tired of Payday

​​Top HR and Payroll News from Around the Web - February 13, 2018

​3 Steps to Master Grant Management in 2018

​3 Trends About Your HCM Customers in 2018

​Top HR and Payroll News from Around the Web - January 18, 2018

Top 10 Most Valuable Time and Attendance & Payroll Articles of 2017

Top HR and Payroll News from Around the Web - December 12, 2017

​How to Get Big HCM Sales from Non-Profits Before 2018

​Top HR and Payroll News from Around the Web—November 28, 2017

Win More CPA Partnerships with a Story That Stands Out

Never Run Out of Funding Early Again

4 Steps for ​a Strong Finish to HCM Selling Season

7 Red Flags that Put Nonprofits at Risk of an Unplanned Audit

The Key to Winning More HCM Sales? Stop Selling Your Product

​Top HR and Payroll News from Around the Web - October 31, 2017

Your Funding Reports Could Get You Audited

3 Questions Every HCM Sales Rep Needs to Ask Manufacturers

3 Payroll Problems You Need to Solve for Project-Based Prospects

5 Keys to Streamline HCM Sales for January 1st Starts

Spreadsheets Are Putting Your Funding at Risk

New Grant Management Tool Gives You the Edge to Win More HCM Sales

​Introducing GrantAlytics, IDI's Comprehensive Grant Management Tool

4 Ways Integration Improves Your HCM System

Time and Attendance System Evaluation: 3 Questions You Must Ask

Top HR and Payroll News from Around the Web—August 2, 2017

These Are the FLSA Laws Your Non-Profit Is Probably Breaking

Clear Answers to Your Overtime Payroll FAQs for 2017

Top HR and Payroll News from Around the Web—June 27, 2017

How Your Non-Profit Can Stop Employee Lawsuits Before They Start

5 Signs Your Non-Profit Org Needs to Automate Your Payroll Process

Top HR and Payroll News from Around the Web—May 31, 2017

Non-Profit Overtime Laws: A Litigation Attorney’s Advice—Part 2

FLSA Impact on Non-Profits: Interview with an Employment Attorney

Top HR and Payroll News from Around the Web—April 26, 2017

5 Reasons Spreadsheets Are Dangerous for Nonprofits

Top HR and Payroll News from Around the Web—April 4, 2017

3 Legal Risks Construction Companies Take Each Pay Period

You Don’t Need to Fill Out Certified Payroll Reports Anymore

[Video] 3 Construction Payroll Problems Your Prospects Haven’t Solved

Put Complex Union Pay Rules Behind You for Good

Top HR and Payroll News from Around the Web—February 21, 2017

End Your Painful Payroll Management [Infographic]

Make 401(k) Payroll Integration As Easy As a Single Click

Top HR News from Around the Web—January 31, 2017

Should You Develop Your Own Payroll Integration Software?

70% of Companies Are FLSA Noncompliant and Don’t Know It—Are You?

HCM System APIs: Selling Point or Hidden Cost?

Top 10 Most Valuable Time Entry & Payroll Articles of 2016

How to Recover 300 Hours of Grant Management Per Year

How the New Overtime Law Will Impact Your Organization's Culture

Overtime Regulations Article Roundup: December 6, 2016

How One HCM Sales Rep Wins More Deals with Nonprofits

How One HCM Company Made Grant Allocation Easy for Nonprofits

HR & Payroll Article Roundup: November 3, 2016

How to Automate Your HCM System Without Regrets

How to Win More Referrals from CPAs

HR Article Roundup: October 4, 2016

Nonprofits Need to Choose Their HCM Solutions Wisely

Buying a New Payroll System? Don’t Forget These Items!

Major Considerations for Choosing the Right HCM System

Your 4-Step Guide to Closing More HCM Sales

HR Article Roundup: August 30, 2016

5 Tips to Close More Sales Faster Using IDI

Watch for Signs That You Need to Automate Your Payroll Process

Working With APIs: DIY or Use a Trusted Integrator?

HR Article Roundup: July 27, 2016

Overtime Laws: An Employment Attorney’s Advice—Part 2

From the Trenches: A Lawyer’s Perspective on FLSA Violations - Part 1

How Overlooked Overtime Regulations Nearly Destroyed One Bank

Are You Breaking These Top 5 Overlooked FLSA Requirements?

HR Article Roundup — Overtime Rule Change: June 7, 2016

How the New Overtime Law Impacts Professional and Grant-based Companies

HCMs: How to Win More Nonprofit Customers

Ending the Weekly Struggle of Time Entry in Payroll

HR Article Roundup: May 3, 2016

Why Construction Contractors Are Fed Up with Payroll

Legal Risks Government Construction Contractors Take with Payroll

[Video] 3 Big Payroll Pains Your Construction Prospects Haven’t Fixed

HR & Payroll Article Roundup: April 5, 2016

Top 3 Questions You Should Ask Your Time-and-Attendance Sales Rep

[Video] Find a Sure-Fire Sales Angle for Project-Based Prospects

Case Study: Engineering Firm Integrates Payroll and Project Management

HR & Payroll Article Roundup: March 1, 2016

Reliable Answers to Top Overtime Payroll FAQs

Payroll Best Practices for Project-Based Companies

With Video: How to Keep Professional Services Companies FLSA Compliant

HR & Payroll Article Roundup: February 4, 2016

New California Piece Rate Is in Effect—Are Your Clients Compliant?

Ask Manufacturers These 3 Questions for Better Sales and Results

HR & Payroll Article Roundup: January 12, 2016

New Webinar: Win More Sales to Manufacturing Companies

The Most Valuable Time Entry & Payroll Articles of 2015

With Video: 4 Payroll Pitfalls for Manufacturing Companies

HR Article Roundup: December 2015

Pros and Cons: 3 Ways to Enter Timesheet Data into Payroll

HR Article Roundup—November 2015

[With Video] Grant Allocation Is Keeping You from Your Mission