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At IDI, a New Year Means New Opportunities with ADP

Posted by Dawn White on Dec 27, 2021 8:57:00 AM
Dawn White
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Business colleagues toasting with champagne on a party | ADP acquires IDI

For more than 35 years, IDI has been the best-in-class provider of HCM integration software. We’ve touched the lives and livelihoods of employees in a wide range of businesses — from construction and manufacturing to non-profits, professional services to restaurants and even agriculture.

IDI has earned a reputation for an insider’s understanding of our customers’ industries — as well as robust products and customer care you can count on. Everyone at IDI is on a mission to help payroll, HR, and finance professionals achieve peace of mind and sleep well at night.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the next chapter in our story! On November 18, ADP acquired IDI. This acquisition follows a 20-year partnership between the two companies. The move allows IDI to integrate our expertise with ADP’s global reach and payroll solutions — which means that you’ll get a more enhanced payroll and HR experience than ever before.

What’s Changing

As with any acquisition, you can expect to see some changes as IDI and ADP become integrated. We’re most excited about the opportunities to provide greater service and solutions to our customers through this joint venture.

The move lets IDI tap into ADP’s 70-plus-year history, its presence in 140 countries, and its wealth of resources in new ways. By further integrating IDI’s expertise with ADP, you’ll have greater access to resources that will help you to better grow and scale your business.

“A big part of joining ADP is for further and better solutions to their products and overall platform,” IDI President Kit Dickinson said. We’ve worked alongside ADP in the past and our tools have lined up well in terms of communication and workflows. We’ve already had so many joint wins together and mutual success that this is a natural fit.

What Won’t Change

Today, it is business as usual. Our team is still available to support you and your team. We continue to use our industry expertise to develop and offer products to address your unique needs. Your account managers and the IDI support team continue to respond to your feedback and requests.

With this transition, the service and solutions you currently utilize with IDI will continue uninterrupted. You will not be required to transition your payroll, HR, or time and attendance solutions to ADP in order to continue to utilize IDI’s solutions. We will continue to communicate with you as we have updates in the new year.

New Transitions and New Hopes for 2022

This is the season for transitions, from the old to the new. Every year at this time, the world stands on its tiptoes looking toward the future in hope and anticipation of things to come. As we head into the new year, the team at IDI is eagerly looking forward to doing even better work with you.

This acquisition leverages the best of two strong histories, with outstanding performance in the present, to move forward together in the future. As we head into the new year, we look forward to doing even better work with you.

Here’s to a bright hope and prosperous wishes for 2022!

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