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Top 10 Most Valuable Time and Attendance & Payroll Articles of 2017

Posted by Kit Dickinson on Jan 4, 2018 2:10:19 PM
Kit Dickinson
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This has been a tremendous year for us at IDI. We’ve spent a lot of time visiting with our partners and worked with hundreds of your clients. We’ve also written a bevy of blog posts that our clients and partners found incredibly valuable. And so, to celebrate a terrific 2017 and look forward to an exciting 2018, we’ve collected our top 10 MVPs (most valuable posts) of the year for your review. Enjoy!


Introducing GrantAlytics, IDI's Comprehensive Grant Management Tool

Traditional grant management is a time-consuming headache involving multiple spreadsheets to create and maintain budgets and track actual spending for justification to funding sources. Grant based organizations spend a lot of time, energy, and money dealing with the fear of over- or under-spending and annual audits.

IDI is excited to introduce GrantAlytics, our web-based grant management solution designed for non-profits, research and development, and other grant funded organizations.

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Time and Attendance System Evaluation: 3 Questions You Must Ask

Managing your time and payroll isn’t simple. It’s made up of constantly changing regulations, mobile workers, telecommuting employees, compliance needs, and more. When looking at programs or services, you need to probe even more deeply as you research different time and attendance solutions.

Here are the three questions you should ask to ensure your needs are met as you look to move forward with a new system.

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Payroll Best Practices for Project-Based Companies

Payroll for professional services or project-based companies used to be much more straightforward than it is today. With increased scrutiny from the government, clients, and employees, the entire payroll process must be precise. Project-based companies need to correctly allocate salaried employees’ hours and earnings across different projects, clients, funds, and pay periods.

If you want your payroll system to be robust and simple to operate, you'll need to plan strategically to handle a multitude of issues and regulations. When you’re evaluating payroll systems, make sure you consider the following issues.


Spreadsheets Are Putting Your Funding at Risk

Grant management is a complicated and time-intensive process. For many non-profit organizations, the familiar and comfortable method for tracking grants is using spreadsheets. But as your organization grows and the number of your grants increases, your spreadsheets become more trouble than they’re worth.

In fact, they could be putting your funding at risk.


These Are the FLSA Laws Your Non-Profit Is Probably Breaking

Because there are so many rules and regulations that are constantly changing, it’s easy for non-profit organizations to be noncompliant with FLSA and never know it – until an employment attorney or the DOL introduces themselves. Could you be breaking FLSA laws? Here are the top three FLSA scenarios we’ve seen non-profit organizations overlook.


How to Get Big HCM Sales from Non-Profits Before 2018 

If you're still coming into that final stretch to reach your HCM sales quotas before 2018 (or preparing your 2019 funnel), you might be surprised to know that non-profit organizations can be a big win for you.

One of our partner sales reps has an all-star track record selling to non-profit organizations. Herb Brohn is a workforce management sales consultant on the West Coast. We talked to him to find out the secret of his success. Here's what he revealed.

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How to Make Late Timesheets a Thing of the Past—For Good 

Hounding employees to report their billable or project hours – accurately and on time has been the task of payroll practitioners since the invention of the timesheet. Most companies resort to nagging and many have flirted with half-hearted reward and punishment programs.

How can you motivate employees to fill out their timesheets on time? The problem may lie with your system rather than your employees. Here are some proven methods to make late timesheets a thing of the past.


Pros and Cons: 3 Ways to Enter Timesheet Data into Payroll

Many companies don’t need a full time-and-attendance system, but they still have to enter a lot of data into payroll in a short time. Payroll practitioners can end the week exhausted from a final push to get everything submitted on time. Or there’s the fear that it was all entered incorrectly and Monday will greet them with a disgruntled mob carrying pitchforks and torches.

Payroll practitioners need to find the best way of entering time and payroll information. But which method is the quickest, simplest, and most accurate one? Here are three options for your consideration.

7 Red Flags that Put Nonprofits at Risk of an Unplanned Audit.jpg

7 Red Flags that Put Nonprofits at Risk of an Unplanned Audit

For nonprofits, annual audits are a necessary—if painful—part of running a grant-based organization. But many nonprofits face multiple audits each year because their funding agencies saw red flags that made them nervous.

But you can mitigate unplanned audits by identifying and remediating the issues that raise red flags for your funding sources. Here are 7 of the most common red flags that could put you in jeopardy of a grant audit.


Should You Develop Your Own Payroll Integration Software?

When companies get sick of using unreliable spreadsheets or manual processes for their critical pay policies, they usually look at their options for automation. If you have dedicated software developers on staff, you could try to save money and hassle by building your own integration app in-house.

Since you understand your own payroll policies best, this could be an enticing solution. But just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should do it. Before you build your own solution, ask yourself some key questions, first.

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