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Will Your Payroll Plan Work in the New Normal?

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to plod along, professional service and project-based companies are taking stock for the long term. It’s clear that the new normal is likely to extend through the fourth quarter of the year and into 2021 — at the very least. That has specific billing and payroll implications for the professional services sector, as they manage billable and non-billable time — as well as salary allocation across projects.

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The Key to Managing Multiple Unions with Ease

It’s Saturday morning and you’re at your kid’s soccer game, but mentally you’re at work. Yesterday was payday, and the back of your mind is constantly monitoring for the buzz of your phone. You dread the thought of a call from the union steward about a union employee who was paid wrong.

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Navigating Coronavirus When You’re Doing Business in Multiple States

As IDI speaks with our clients around the country, it’s clear that COVID-19 has impacted different regions in different ways. Our clients in New York City have a reality that looks much different from others in Florida or Colorado.

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How to Meet the New Payroll Challenges of Coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak created a major disruption in the manufacturing industry. Even though manufacturers have returned to work, it still isn’t business as usual. As new COVID-related regulations are introduced and continually updated, manufacturers are facing new payroll complexities.

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How to Keep Your Nonprofit Strong During Coronavirus Uncertainties

Nearly 95 percent of nonprofit organizations globally have been negatively impacted by the coronavirus. Funding dropped significantly in the first weeks of the pandemic, placing many nonprofits in crisis mode. While funding has increased since then, the organizations benefiting from it the most are involved in pandemic response.

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5 Best Practices for Onboarding Remote Employees

As businesses start to reopen, many HR leaders will be hiring remote workers for the first time. Hiring remote employees offers several advantages — and now that the coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to do work virtually, they’re poised to make it work. But onboarding a remote employee has its own challenges to address.

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New Construction Projects Could Mean New Payroll Complexities — Here’s How to Meet Them

The coronavirus hit the construction industry at the worst possible time: right at the start of the busy season. Now that work is picking back up, many contractors will be making up for lost time, taking on as many projects as possible and bringing on more workers.

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Keys to Avoiding a Painful HCM Integration in Your Construction Company

Many construction companies have been burned in the past by purchasing HCM solutions that didn’t adequately run their payroll. But technologies are improving, and payroll companies are learning about the unique needs of the construction industry. 

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The Nonprofit Time Card Balance Beam

Have you ever attempted to walk on a balance beam while holding a bucket of water in each hand? Many grant managers and CFOs try to do that with payroll every day.

They’re walking the balance beam of funder or grantor compliance, while trying not to task their frontline employees with overly detailed time capture requirements. They’re attempting to balance process, technology and reporting requirements. After all, no one wants to divert employees’ efforts away from the mission or services.

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Prepare Your Organization Now for Post-coronavirus Worklife

No one predicted a global virus outbreak that would shut down workplaces all over the world. Organizations had to scramble to figure out what work life during a pandemic should look like. But returning to work doesn’t have to be chaotic and fearful, if you plan ahead and think strategically before it’s time to transition back to the work site.

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