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How Compliance Helps Your Nonprofit Organization Fulfill Its Mission

Nobody likes dealing with compliance requirements. If you’re like many non-profit organizations, compliance often feels like an impediment to your mission — a bunch of red tape that third parties have placed in your way, which only pulls you away from the real work of your organization.

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Operational Resilience Helps Manufacturers Stay Profitable During Risky Times

If the last two years have taught manufacturing companies anything, it’s that operational risks are a persistent and unpredictable reality. The industry has seen everything from pandemic-related shutdowns to unprecedented labor shortages to historic supply chain issues. These problems threaten production and profitability on a daily basis.

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Connected Construction Is Solving the Industry’s Toughest Problems

Business is booming for construction companies, but that doesn’t mean life is easy. In fact, the pressures on engineering and construction firms are greater than ever before.

As the economy quickly recovers from the dip in 2020, demand for construction work is only increasing, with no end in the foreseeable future. That’s especially true as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) brings more and more work to the industry.

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How to Onboard New Employees for Greater Business Growth

More than 4 million people quit their jobs in January 2022, nearly matching the record number set two months before that. Meanwhile, employers spent the new year trying to fill more than 11 million job openings.

While HR teams need to find efficient ways to recruit new employees fast, it’s just as important to ensure their onboarding processes are exceptional experiences. Effective employee onboarding doesn’t just make for a more pleasant transition, it’s critical for the health of the organization.

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Modular Construction Is Gaining Ground — Are You Prepared for the Implications?

Modular construction is gaining traction, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Once seen as a cheap way to throw together low-end housing or temporary dwellings, modular construction is now seen as a legitimate option for high-quality construction that’s fast and cost effective.

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The Future of HR Is Customer-Centric

The future of HR is in its ability to make customers happy. A growing number of companies are realizing there’s more to human resources than recruiting, supporting, and retaining employees. HR has a unique ability to help recruit, support, and retain customers as well.

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Top Nonprofit Industry Trends and What They Mean for You

The pandemic has presented brand new challenges to nonprofit organizations that they’ve never had to face before. As a result, nonprofits are becoming more agile and better equipped to adapt quickly to changing conditions. The nonprofit landscape has shifted dramatically, and we’re now beginning to see what the future will look like for nonprofits in the new normal.

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Need to Incite More Innovation This Year? Foster Entrepreneurial Employees

It’s a new year, and that brings a sense of new promise and optimism. For many companies, it’s a great time to renew that entrepreneurial spirit that drives their innovation and fuels their employees.

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Recruiting Construction Workers in the Midst of a Major Labor Shortage

As Biden’s new Infrastructure Act begins to roll out, construction companies are celebrating over the new opportunities and big contracts that are about to come their way. But there’s a downside, as well. America’s construction industry has a labor shortage of 1 million workers.

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At IDI, a New Year Means New Opportunities with ADP

For more than 35 years, IDI has been the best-in-class provider of HCM integration software. We’ve touched the lives and livelihoods of employees in a wide range of businesses — from construction and manufacturing to non-profits, professional services to restaurants and even agriculture.

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